Bangladesh tourism

Bangladesh tourism  welcome you to this land of thrilling mix with charming history, vibrant culture, panoramic beauties, historical remains, flora, fauna, hills, forests, sandy sea beach, friendly people and wildlife will make you feel awesome while visiting Bangladesh. Of course you will be impressed with so much diversity of beauties and cultures in  a small geographical area.

The longest sandy sea beach in the world is Coxs Bazar that is in Bangladesh. The largest mangrove forest in the world is Sundarban.The home of Royal Bengal tiger, spotted deer, monkey, wild pig and many wild animals live in Sundarban.  Oceanic Kuakata  is a beach and also called the queen of sea, situated in Barisal. Bangladesh tourism

A phenomenon view, only coral island is Saint martin which is in Chittagong division. Perfect time of visiting this island is in winter. It has blue view of water. The highest peak in Chittagong is Bandarban hilly area that is mostly for trekking long way where you can find many tribal communities, waterfalls, the green roof of the country, cloud touches the the top of the hill. This is Bandarban that you will obviously enjoy a lot.

In your Bangladesh tourism, you will find a colorful indigenous groups living around the lake city of Rangamati. Rangamati means a colorful land. This is the scenic beauty of the hilly regions, here people are not similar culture to Bandarban. It is also good for boating in the lake. The green valley and as green carpet of tea plantations- Srimangal tour runs a long tranquility area where it is of course one falls in nature’s love.

Nature lovers will enjoy certainly. This is in Srimangal. Historic and archaeological sites  are of life time experience for tourists in Bangladesh tourism. Bangladesh is a land for this kind of tourists, researchers, wildlife style and nature lovers. Although it is small in area, it has vast things to enchant you.

In your Bangladesh tourism, anytime  that offers its diversity of the beauty.  Your dream will come to a real tour in this beautiful land, if you do it once.  This is what you will feel when you will come to this land. Here everyone has dream to complete the life, anyway to survive, helping others and become hospitable which might be your life time experience.

The people and the nature will certainly make you to get the most happiness and smile in every moment. There are many kinds of lifestyle of people that you can see such as urban, rural and tribal in Bangladesh travel.Tribal life follows a different direction than other life styles.

Bangladesh tourism

You should come here for at least one day to discover the beauty and history of Bangladesh. Here are many historical incidents. You should visit some of the most popular attractions in Dhaka as Lalbagh Fort, Ahsan Manjil- pink palace, Sadarghat where is the starting point of water transportation, tara mosque and  more sightseeing.  If you book this tour, you will be picked up at your hotel in Dhaka or at airport and start your full day tour in Dhaka which is an old city tour.

Bangladesh tourism

During Bangladesh tourism, you will visit the Lalbagh fort and that started by Mughal prince Muhammad Ajam, third son of Awrango Zeb in 1678 and it was deemed to be a combination of three buildings the mosque, the tomb of Pori Bibi, and the Diwan E Aam. Later visit to Ahsan Manjil pink palace, Shakri Bazar, Star mosque, Dhakeshori temple and Dhaka university.  After the tour you will go to your hotel.

In your Bangladesh tourism, we can organize more sightseeing and tours on your choice. Orient Tourism Channel