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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Why choose us to travel? You should know it. By reading this page, you will know with whom you are traveling. It is obviously essential to tourists to know someone or company for the best service and reliable. That is why we are telling some information of us.

  • See our testimonials we achieved.
  • Know the reviews from our previous guests.
  • We are licensed, Trained Up and Profession of 18 years.
  • We learned tourism service from the root and working from field to office level.
  • Tour guides approved by Bangladesh Govt – Technical Education Board.
  • You must know when you compare our guide’s knowledge with others.
  • Reasonable price for quality service.

Other reasons to choose us for traveling.

  • If you become our guests, we earn money. We DO NOT use all the profit for ourselves. Something as cloths, food, study materials and cash is donated to helpless poor people. If we have no money, we CAN NOT help. It is your indirect donation!
  • We also support tribes to keep their culture active.
  • To save the world from global warming, we encourage people to save nature and not to do the negative activities.
  • If you book any service with us and unluckily you miss flight, visa unapproved at airport or face accident in your country before starting the program, we do not deduct any amount from your deposit. You can use this money for next tour. It is reserved.
  • We arrange your tours in other countries too. Local tour operator in other countries will handle tour service.
  • Other companies WILL NOT do like this plan.
  • So, your contribution is highly appreciated to us.