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Are you looking for a place to study in the USA on tourism? It may be difficult to find the right place for you to choose which is the best in the niches. Everyone knows the United States (USA) is one of top tourism places in the world. The real fact is to consider a location to study tourism.   

There are specialization degree programs: The First thing to deem is that you need to decide where to study tourism either in the USA or other countries. If you want to specialize in the tourism sector, you must check the university that applies practical exercise. Which degree do you need? Do you want to get an undergraduate or graduate degree in tourism? Certainly some schools and colleges have both degrees on tourism study.  From the professionals I want to say that you can take both degrees to be a professional. /so far, tourism management department is a must to achieve this goal.  

University to study tourism in the USA

  • University of Hawaii at Manoa in the USA has arrangements to study tourism in management. This university is situated in the biggest tourist zone.  The city Manoa is about 4 kilometers from Honolulu and very close to Waikiki. For several reasons, this university is known as the best western college and famous college of America.
  • The south Carolina is after the mainland where there are Charleston historical city, a beach and golfing place.  Charleston and hilton head island are the exact locations to learn on tourism. These places welcome millions of travelers from around the world every year. Students will have the chance to learn and intern at the South Carolina University as it is a thriving visitors attraction.  There are many nearby hotels, restaurants and attractive places to take practical experiences.The University of South Carolina with its excellent hospitality management will obviously train up learners as per requirements of the students. Generally in the classroom what students learn on event management for hospitality can use their skills in practical fields. Therefore, being a part of South Carolina University you will get the combination of real work, graduates and education. 
  • To study tourism in the USA, Florida is also a good state to greet tourists and travelers of the world.
    Miami attracts tourists and travelers. 

Besides you can find a list of Universities in the USA below

  • (1) California Institute of Technology (2) Harvard University (3) Stanford University (4) Princeton University (5) University of California (6) Yale University (7) University of Chicago (8) Columbia University (9) Johns Hopkins University (10) University of Pennsylvania (11) Cornell University (12) Duke University (13) North Western University (14) University of Michigan (15) New York University (16) Carnegie Mellon University (17) University of Washington (18) Georgia Institute of Technology (19) University of Texas (20) Boston University and so on.

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