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Sri Lanka Tours|Tourism Company in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka tours

Sri Lanka Tours| Tourism Company in Sri Lanka

For Sri Lanka tours service, you can get connection with experienced tourism company in Sri Lanka. Professional tour operator in Sri Lanka will handle tour service. On your choice and requirement, you can make your tour. There are day tour, city tour, culture tour and multi days tour in Sri Lanka. We just forward your inquiry to them. Check tour operators of the world.

Sri Lanka is a full of romantic landscape with mountains, green hilly tea gardens, golden beach which magnify its beauty. There is no deficit of excellence; it’s having natural spots, culture and gigantic history. A beautiful country of nature, culture and heritage will please your heart!
Ella- a place
In the southern mountain wall, the stunning view through the Ella Gap will amaze you. It is in the middle of beautiful countryside where there are vegetable plots, tea plantations on the hill slope and forest. It is one of the most attracting places to travel in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Tours in the nature

Sri Lanka tours

Nuware Eliya- to visit
A hill station of 19th century retains colonial ambiance with golf course, clubs and buildings. It’s a best beautiful place for a scenic trail ride. Surrounding tea plantation, waterfalls and dramatic mountains are a stunning view to experience that takes you from Kandy to Nuware Eliya.
Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage- Baby elephants enjoy a river soak. There is possibility to see elephants in this area.

Polonnaruwa- the ancient ruins
You can imagine ancient city life at the ruins of Polonnaruwa. There is well preservation of archaeological treasure with ancient structure of tombs, temples, statues and stupas.

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Dambulla cave temple
There are over 150 statues of Buddha in the beautifully preserved cave. You can experience the tranquility in this stunning cave temple that bear extraordinary culture artifacts.
Adam Peak
This is the most beautiful place. To see a breathtaking sunrise at dawn, you will climb up the slopes. UNESCO declared it as world heritage site for the spectacular views in Sri Lanka.

Old Dutch Fort at Galle
You can experience a peaceful afternoon staring at endless sea from the old Dutch fort. It is the best preserved sea fort.
Sigiriya Rock Fortress
Get lost yourself in the ancient remains, remarkable frescoes and water garden which make magnificent scenery with jungle and rolling hills from the top. Possibility it is one of the dramatic sights in Sri Lanka.

In the appealing beach hideaways in Sri Lanka, you can spend some days on a hammock to soak in the sun. This beach paradise will amaze you in your holidays.
Yala National Park
You will be dazzled to see leopards in this national park. This is full of grassy plains forest, lagoons and a coastline.