Rent a Car in Dhaka (Gulshan Enterprise)

car rent in Dhaka

Gulshan Enterprise, we rent out car, noah and hiace service in Dhaka to go to any place in Bangladesh. We provide transport service. We are base in Gulshan where you can meet us for any booking and confirmation.

Transport ModelPer Day inside DhakaPer Day outside Dhaka
X Corolla
( 3 seats)
3500 taka
( Fuel, parking, driver)
3000 taka
( Body rent)
(3 seats)
4000 taka
( Fuel, parking, driver)
3500 taka
( Body rent)
( 3 seats)
5000 taka
( Fuel, parking, driver)
4500 taka
( Body rent)
(7 seats)
5500 taka
( Fuel, parking, driver)
4500 taka
( Body rent)
(10 seats)
6000 taka
( Fuel, parking, driver)
5000 taka
( Body rent)
Inside Dhaka: Saydabad, Mohammodpur, Demra, Gabtoli, Uttora.
Outside Dhaka: Any place in Dhaka.

Please contact through whats App in this website. Website will forward your booking to us. We will confirm you over phone discussion.

Where can you go by a car rent in Dhaka from this car rental service?

In Dhaka: for going to any place in order to official purpose, project visit, relative house, working area, meeting, marriage function or a visit inside Dhaka, you can contact us through this website. Besides for any pick up from airport and any drop off at airport in Dhaka, you can also hire our transport. Your visit may be to Saydabad, Mohammodpur, Demra, Gabtoli, Uttora, Gulshan, Baridhara etc. You can also visit some tourist spots in Dhaka such as Sadarghat, Keranigonj, Ahsan Manzil, Shakhari Bazar, Lalbagh fort, Armenian Church, Star mosque, Dhakeshwary temple, Dhaka university, Kawran Bazar etc.

Outside Dhaka: You can hire our any transport at the reasonable price to visit outside Dhaka. Some names of the locations are mentioned here below.

Sylhet Division (Rent a Car from Dhaka)

Sreemangal: This place is a tourist destination. People go to that place for a visit mostly. Tourist can stay there minimum 1 day and maximum 4 days to visit every spots in Sreemangal. If you have a plan to go to this location, please contact our car rental service in Dhaka through this website.

Habigonj: This a district of Sylhet division. You can go to any office, house or a visit in Habigonj. For any rent a car in Dhaka, you can contact us through this website.

Sylhet: Sylhet is a division of Bangladesh. It is a second hilly area in Bangladesh. This is one of the best tourist destination in Bangladesh. Most of the people go to this division for a visit. People can stay here minimum 1 day and maximum 5 days to visit all tourist spots. Beyond visiting a place in Sylhet, most people go to the saint places. Sylhet is known the land of 360 saints. Religious minded people who hope to get something from Allah and blessing from the saints, visit the famous saint place in Sylhet. One of the saint places is Hazrat Shah Zalal. For any rent a car from Dhaka, you can contact us through this website.

Sunamgonj: A low land area where there is marsh land. There is a wetland in Sunamgonj which is the biggest one in Bangladesh. Most people go to that place for a visit. Besides, you can go to other offices, projects etc from Dhaka. We rent out car in Dhaka for this movement. To rent a car in Dhaka, please contact us through this website.

Khulna Division

Khulna: Your visit can be to any office, project, meeting or work in Khulna. Besides, there are most attractive places to visit in Khulna. The best place to visit in Khulna is Sundarban which is the largest mangrove forest of the world. People may spend time here maximum 5 days. For any requirement to rent a car in Dhaka, you can contact through this website.

Chittagong Division

Chittagong city: This is the biggest port city of Bangladesh. As it is the main location for international business through water transportation, there is a huge gathering of people. Alongside, most attractive places are in Chittagong city. Places are sea port, fishery bank, ship breaking yard, oldest mosque, salt production etc. So far, your visit can be to work project, field, office, relatives and so on. For any rent a car from Dhaka, you can hire our transport.

Bandarban: The hill district area in Chittagong which is the best hilly area. This location is mainly for visit. You can rent any car from us in Dhaka. Please contact us through this website.

Rangamati: Another hill tracts area in Bangladesh is Rangamati. You can visit this place too. For your any visit such as travel places, relative house visit, working area visit or meeting place, please contact us through the website. We will rent out car and other transports at good price.

Khagrachori: Another tourist destination is called Khagrachori. This is also a hill tract area. If you need to go to this location by any car, you may book our service in Dhaka.

Rajshahi Division

Rajshahi: A famous place in Bangladesh for its archaeological establishment. Here you can see archaeological sites. There are some oldest houses and mosques which were built in Mughal period. This will attract you very much. Besides you may have any plan to go to relative house, work place, meeting, pick up or drop off. For any of these, you can rent our car from Dhaka.

Bogura: the best place for archaeological sites. For any need of car, please contact us through this website.

Rangpur Division

Rangpur: A division with its historical sites and information attracts more people to visit. A landlord house named Tazhat which is the main attraction in the town.

Kantazir temple: One of the most oldest temple in Bangladesh is Kantazir. Every year there is a religious function held. For any visit, either tourist attraction or your personal visit, you can rent our car from Dhaka. Please contact us through this website.

Barisal Division (Car Rent from Dhaka)

Barishal: A low land connecting with many rivers, stream, canals and water bodies meet the sea. The main communication was water transport from Dhaka to Barisal. Now a days, there is easy access by road to the Barisal division. People go to Barisal for visit their house, relatives, office and work area. Besides there is a well known tourist destination named floating market in Barisal. For which many people go to that place to visit. For any requirement of transport such as car, noah, hiace rent from Dhaka, you can contact us through this website. Supported by Orient.

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