Car Rent in Sylhet | Noah and Hiace Rental Service

car rent in Sylhet

Car Rent in Sylhet is available here. We have Car, Noah and Hiace Rental service at reasonable price in Sylhet.

  • Are you planning to visit in Sylhet? Welcome to the holy land. Rent out transport to rent out to tourists. To visit, you can hire a transport through us. There are Car, Noah, Hiace and tourist bus available for tourists to visit the most attractive places in Sylhet.

Price of Car Rent in Sylhet

Rent-a-Car in SylhetNoah Rent in SylhetHiace Rent in Sylhet
* 4500 Taka for 1 Day
* 3 Seats Available
* Included: Driver and Fuel.
* 5500 Taka for 1 Day
* 6 Seats Available
* Price included: Fuel and driver.
* 6500 Taka for 1 Day
* 10 Seats Available
* Cost included: Licensed driver and Fuel.
* Places to visit: 2 or 3 places can be visited in a day because of far distance. Sadapathor/ Bisnakandi / Ratargul / Jaflong / lalakhal / Agun Tila / Mazar.

The Way of Booking a Transport

  • Read the details above where you can move to with the cost mentioned.
  • You pay the amount to confirm your booking. We will call you for final reservation.
  • The price may change depending on your drive and location if cross the said places.
  • You can customize on your choice.

Booking & Review Below

Pay now to: 01672-201346 (Personal Bkash) for confirmation. We will respond you in 12 hours. Available in Whats App & IMO( If Out of Network, Send Message). If you rent any any CNG, car, jeep, Noah, Hiace, Bicycle or Motorbike rent in Sylhet through us, please write your review in comment box.