Life is sad when beloved one keeps away

Life is sad when beloved one keeps away. The story starts with miser- a distinguished person. Some days in August 2017, I had no work. I became hopeless thinking how to survive. Later I got ready quickly to go to the work, my journey starts. During the journey, I often remember sad which haunts in the memory and in front of eye. While my tour is, I feel different. After all, I spent time with client for half day traveling in wetland. In the wetland we journeyed by boat for couple of hours.

Life sad is happened in every one’d life

We saw fisherman life in the boat. Life is too much hard. In the afternoon, we finished our tours. For next day, our tour plan is to go to waterfall, the vast one in Bangladesh. It shows its real beauty in rainy season. This is for adventure tourists. You have to trek for about 5 kilometers one way from the parking place. The waterfall is situated near India. To reach there, it becomes hard labor by climbing up and down through several hills. It is calm and quiet place. The top view from the hill looks awesome. There is stream in the forest that originates at waterfall This is reserved forest.

After walking long way, we reached waterfall. We stayed there to enjoy this vast natural waterfall. It is possible to wash yourself here. To see the top, you can climb up more. In the afternoon, we are back from this place. It took about two hours to reach the CNG. This way our day is over. For coming day, we decide to trek in tropical rain forest. We start our trekking at 9.00 AM for about three hours, took rest at a tea stall. We have had some snacks. Later we start for lake surrounded by hill tea garden. It appears with phenomenon view. It is a right touristic place now. When the tour is end, we start back to resort. This way we spend.

  • Story written by distinguished person, Bangladesh. Thanks to Orient Tourism Channel for writing life sad story.
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