Dhaka to Barisal and Srimangal for 5 days 4 Nights Tour

Dhaka Barisal Srimangal

Visit Bangladesh to discover the beauty, history, archaeological sites, culture in Dhaka, Barisal and Srimangal. Our tour guide will handle your ground level tour service in mentioned places. Here is a tour plan below. You can customize it too.

Tour Plan of 5 Days 4 nights in Dhaka, Barisal and Srimangal

  • Destination: Dhaka – Barisal -Dhaka – Srimangal – Dhaka.
  • Duration: 5 days 4 nights.
  • Time to visit: Round the year.
  • Best time: November – February (winter). Cold weather.
  • To see guava in the floating market: June -August.

1st Day – (Dhaka visit – Barisal).

Starting, Our tour guide will pick you up from hotel. Depending on your availability, you can visit some tourist spots below.

Ahsan Manzil – A Pink Palace which was built in 16th century. Outside of the palace looks awesome ancient building. Now it is a museum where ancient people’s used things are displayed. One of the best place in Dhaka for a visit.

Lalbagh fort – the construction of this fort started in 16th century. You can see old house, mosque and get information of historical time. It is the best sightseeing in Dhaka.

Star mosque – is a Mughal period mosque with domes which was built in 18th century. The design inner and outer of the mosque is amazing beautiful ceramic.

Dhakeshwery Temple– it is an oldest and popular Hindu temple in Bangladesh which carries historical information. It was built in 11th century.

Curzon Hall– it was built in British period with the British design. This building is also interesting to see outside.

Sadarghat terminal, Sadarghat water transport station. The most busiest place for crossing the river by boats. This river transportation shows excellent views to photographers. You must be please visiting this place.

Dhaka to Barisal, If we take a day journey, it is 4 hours drive to 250 kilometers distance on road. OR, you can travel by night ship, if you like. It takes 8 hours journey by ship (overnight ship). There are cabins in the launch and bengali food in restaurant.

2nd Day: (Visiting Whole Day in Barisal)

Floating market, If you would like to see the floating market in Barisal, you have to start in the early morning (at 6 am). Floating market of seasonal vegetables and fruits hold in all months ( guava market is in June- August). Only backwater lands of Bangladesh is Barishal.

Visit, by engine boat, you will move around in the canals, rivers and backwater lands to see fruit garden as guava, lemon, betel leaf, hog palm, different plantations, country side and lifestyle of people in Barishal. You can visit the biggest timber market of Bangladesh.

Ship breaking yard, once upon a time it was a ship breaking yard. Now a days launch, engine boats are repaired and painting here.

Wood mill, this is a place you can see wood collecting and cutting into pieces.

Lunch, you can take your lunch in a local restaurant where Bengali dishes are served.

Oldest designed mosque, an old mosque was built in Mughal period. You can visit its area and remains of landlord.

Land lord house, there is a very old landlord house built in 16th century where you can walk around to see the area and old house. The house is not in use.

Accommodation, Overnight in hotel.

3rd day: Barisal Visit – Dhaka

Drive to, in the morning, we will drive from Barisal to Dhaka.

Visit, on the way you will visit local wholesale market where vegetable for sale sold at DC market and biggest fish market of Barisal is in port road.

Accommodation, over night at hotel in Dhaka.

4th day: Dhaka to Srimangal

We will start journey from Dhaka to Srimangal. The distance between 2 places is about 200 kilometers. On the way will see green view, countryside etc. Reaching there, you will check in hotel. Then visit in the afternoon to these places.

Rubber plantation, rubber garden is on the hills and flat land makes a fascinating view.

Monipuri tribal community, this tribe has unique culture and daily activities. We will go to their house to see how they weave cloths with their wooden machine.

Tea workers community, they are also a kind of tribe. They are different in culture.

Seven layer tea, there is a tea stall selling seven colour tea. Seven layers in one glass. After this, we will drive to hotel.

Accommodation, over night in hotel.

5th day: Visit then drive from Sreemangal to Dhaka

After breakfast, we will visit these places in the morning.

Lawachara, this morning, we will go to tropical rain forest to see bio diversity. You can walk through the trails in the forest. There are monkeys, gibbons, pigs, deer, birds etc.

Khasia tribe, a tribal community lives in the forest. We can see their lifestyle.

Tea plantation, this town is as the tea capital of Bangladesh because of many tea gardens around the town. While driving in the tea gardens, you will see many miles green carpet and flat green tea gardens that these will fascinate you.

Lunch, then drive to Dhaka.

Drive to Dhaka and drop off at your hotel or airport. Tour ends.

Per person tour price in USD

Person ifOption-AOption-B
♣ Pick up from airport in Dhaka.
Reserved AC car in local area for visit.
Accommodation in launch cabin and train ticket. (for long journey in Dhaka, Barisal and Srimangal).
1 night journey by launch between Dhaka and Barisal.
♣ Engine boat and auto rickshaw.
♣ Entry fee. Permission.
Accommodation in 3/4 star hotel. (double/single room).
♣ Complimentary breakfast.
♣ English speaking experienced tour guide.
♣ Drop of at airport in Dhaka.
♦ Your lunch, dinner and personal expense.
♣ Pick up from airport in Dhaka.
Reserved AC car for whole trip.
♣ Engine boat and auto rickshaw.
♣ Entry fee and permission (if needed).
1 night journey by launch between Dhaka and Barisal.
Accommodation in 3/4 star hotel. ( double / single room).
♣ Complimentary breakfast.
♣ Snacks, bottled water.
♣ English speaking professional experienced tour guide.
♣ Drop of at airport in Dhaka.
♦ Your lunch, dinner and personal expense.
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