Bangla Language

Bangla language

 Some important Bengali Phrase (Bangla language):

Greetings: Salamualakium / Assalamualaikum
How are you ? Apni Kemon Acen?/ Kemon asen? (Gentle use)
I am fine Ami Valo asi/ Valo aci.
My name is Aamar Naam
My country is Aamar desh
How  much? Daam koto?
What is the fare ? Vaara Koto?
Where is ATM Booth? ATM Booth koothay?
I do not eat meat/fish. Aami maangsho /much khaina.
How is the bill/how much? Bill koto?
Which way? Kuon deekay?
What’s your name? Aapnar naam kee?
Thank you. Donnobad.
Can you help me? Aapne kee amakea sahajjo kortea parben?
Good. Vaalo.
Where is Hotel………..? …………….hotel kutay?
I feel good Aamar vaalo lagey.
Vegetables- sobjee
Tea Chaa

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