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Bangla Language

 Some important Bengali Phrase:

– Greetings:  Salamualakium / Assalamualaikum

– How are you ? : Apni Kemon Acen?/ Kemon asen? (Gentle use)

– I am fine : Ami Valo asi/ Valo aci.

– My name is ….. : Aamar Naam……

– My country is…..: Aamar desh……

– How  much? : Daam koto?

– What is the fare ? : Vaara Koto?

– Where is ATM Booth? – ATM Booth kothay?

– I do not eat meat/fish : Aami maangsho /much khaina.

– How is the bill/how much? – Bill koto?

-Which way? Kuon deekay?

What’s your name? Aapnar naam kee?

Thank you. Donnobad.

Can you help me? Aapne kee amakea sahajjo kortea parben?

Good. Vaalo.

Where is Hotel………..? …………….hotel kutay?

I feel good- Aamar vaalo lagey.

Vegetables- sobjee. Tea- Chaa. Rice- vaat. Fish- much.  Sugar- chini. Price- Daam.

Notice: If you want to learn Bangla either online or being at class, please contact me ( Razbe). I have been teaching for years.