Bangkok City Tour in Thailand

Bangkok City tour

Best places to see in Bangkok city of Thailand (Things to do in Bangkok city tour). You can find tour guide and operator in Bangkok.

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand which has incredibly attraction to tour in the city. It is only one city of the world that there are many activities to do in various occupations in the city. Millions of people from poor class to rich live here. Most common 25 places are below with description. Contact with tour guide and operator in Bangkok for service.

Places to visit in Bangkok Tour | Things to do in Bangkok City, Thailand with tour guide and operator

Wat Pho the Reclining Buddha: Wat Pho is a good place for any traveler to tour when you are in Bangkok city which is the place of Reclinging Buddha. This is 15 meters tall and 46 meters long. The gold leaf covers the whole statue. 

Grand Palace: This is one of the most attractive places in Bangkok city tour.  When you see this city you will not skip it because of its value. Once upon a time it was a king’s home and used to work of the government.  There are about 214,000 square kilometres which may take many hours to cover the visit.  

Sky Train: To visit around the city you can take sky train journey at any speed keeping you in cool atmosphere.  In most places you are high above the traffic that you will see it Bangkok city tour.

Chatuchak Market: It is mostly for shopping as this market is one of the biggest markets in the world which has about 800 stalls on the 27 acres land. It is also amazing to see the market. 

Chao Phraya River: People always describe it as the Venice of the East because this Chao Phraya river flows through Bangkok city and small canals. An active river of Bangkok city on which many people use ferries to work out and in tour. You can take a boat journey here to enjoy the culture. Tour guide and operator will arrange it Bangkok.

Things to do in Bangkok City Tour with a guide and operator

Siam Paragon: A huge popular shopping center show different shops. Nearly 250 shops are in this mall. Most of them are Thai and foreigners. 

Bangkok National Museum: You can visit this museum to see artifacts of Thailand. A king named Rama first opened to show the gift taken from his father. Things are as Chinese weapons, precious stones etc in this museum. 

Sathorn Unique Tower: About 49 story skyscraper was built in the city center of Bangkok before economical deficit. This was incomplete abandoned building. You can climb up the building to see the view from the rooftop.  

Lumpini Park: You can stroll in the park to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. This park has about 500,00 square kilometres. A Nepalese Buddhist lord stayed here for which it had name after his name. 

China Town: At such good price, you can have foods at different stalls offering Chinese food and other cultural foods.  

Street Food: Bangkok is famous for street food selling on the street that can be seen in the city tour. Most people do not cook at home rather buy from the street.  You can enjoy this food too. 

Dusit zoo: This zoo is the oldest one in Thailand. There are many kind of animals in this zoo. 

Places to visit

Water Fight During Sogkram: This is a traditional festival to celebrate every year between 13th and 15th April. To celebrate this Thai new year , no can be away from getting wet. To wash away bad luck and sin, they sprinkle water on people which is belief in Buddhism. It turns into a big festival. 

Jim Thompson House:  Thai silk is very famous in the globe. you will find anywhere like it. While walking inside the house you will know the history. 

Wat Arun: Nearly 31,000 Buddhist temples  are found across this country. The temple (Arun) derived after the name of God Dawn. Wat Arun stands at 79 meters tall that is on the bank of river Chao Phraya. People have belief that mythical giants. guard this temple.

Erawan Shrine:  Erawan shrine was constructed in 1950 which is in the busiest area of Bangkok city. As it is a Brahman shrine, there is more popular to tourists.  In this temple there is a four face Brahman God. Believers to this religion gather here with floral garlands to lay at the idol with a hope to come true.   

Vimanmek Mansion: The world’s largest teak wooded building is Vimanmek. It was a royal residence in that time. Now it’s a museum with previous things.   Bangkok city Tour promoted by Orient Tourism Channel for local guide and operator.

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