Work with us

Work with us for Bangladesh tour company

For Tour leaders and  World Wide Tour Company

  1. We welcome tour leaders and world wide tour company for Business 2 Business  relation. Tour operators can promote our tour packages under their company banner for package sale. On both discussion, we will fix profit percentage.
  2. We can also post your tour packages on any of our website with your company name. We do not accept contents coping from any internet source. It should be fresh unique content (not from any website).  Our commission charge is 10% on total sale. Example- your tour price is  $ 100 + $ 10 (10 % commission)= $ 110. When you will contact with the clients, you will add our commission in total.
  3. About payment, you will receive the payment from clients with your terms and conditions. About our payment, you will pay us when a tour is finished.  You will bear any transfer charge.
  4. Termination- contract will be cancelled. As a local tour operator if you  do not respond to any inquiry in time or bad reviews by tourists and travelers.

For job seekers/ tour guide

  1. Work as a Tour Guide in your area in Bangladesh. (Requirement– you must have minimum S.S.C pass, good character, friendly, knowledge in spoken English,  known to locality, local information, patience to work hard active with phone call and connection to all classes of people, have to work under our company only). Salary: per day- BDT 1000/= in your locality. If you work everywhere in Bangladesh per day- BDT 1500/= with extra BDT 1000/= for accommodation and food.
  2. Work as Sales Marketing. You have to search people that they will buy our tour package. You will get 30% of the profit.
  3. Work as a traveler/ a tourist across the country. You, with your friends and colleagues, can travel anywhere by booking our package that will make 10 percent revenue from our profit for you.
  4.  Write travel related something for our website in English which fits to tourism sector. Writing can be as article about nature, animals, trees, plants, tourists spots, tourism information of the world etc. Per article should be minimum 400 words. If you write on a topic of 300 words, you will be paid 50 Bd Tk each. Your article should be unique and fresh.

For businessman/ investors 

  1. We support in every ways of businessman/ investor in Bangladesh. It is assured that investment will result in better income. We welcome small or big investors.