Travel in Bangladesh as Local with Experienced Tour Guide

Travel in Bangladesh as local by local transport can be a hard life to see the lifestyle of Bengali people. Local transport is not available in every tourist spot. While traveling by local transport, you will face crowd, traffic jam and be waiting for transportation to move. A tour plan is below. It can be customized on your choice.

Itinerary of 22 Days Travel in Bangladesh

1st Day – ( Dhaka): Our tour guide will receive you at airport. Depending your arrival, you can visit places.

  • Ahsan Manzil.
  • Sadrghat.
  • Lalbagh Fort.
  • Star Mosque.
  • Overnight in hotel in Dhaka.

2nd Day-( Dhaka- Cumilla):  This morning, we will move to Cumilla to visit places.

  • Panam city.
  • Goaldi Mosque.
  • Sonargaon Landlord house.
  • Overnight in hotel in Cumilla.

3rd Day– (Cumilla): Today you will visit some attractive places.

  • Landlord house.
  • Salban Bihar.
  • Buddhist temple
  • Oldest Mosque.
  • Overnight in Cumilla..

Move to the biggest port city of Bangladesh

4th Day– (Cumilla-Chittagong): Drive to Chittagong.

  • Visit around City.
  • Oldest mosque.
  • Overnight in hotel in Chittagong.

5th Day– (Chittagong): Visit full day around Chittagong city.

  • The biggest fish market of Bangladesh.
  • Fishing boat repairing center that these boats are used in the sea to catch fish.
  • Salt production area visit.
  • Seaside visit.
  • Overnight in Chittagong.

6th Day– (Chittagong- Coxs Bazar): Drive to Cox’s Bazar.

  • Visit some places depending on the time.
  • Overnight in Coxs Bazar.

7th Day: (Coxs Bazar- Chittagong): Visit some places and drive to Chittagong.

  • Walk in the town.
  • Visit the longest sea beach of the world.
  • Overnight in Chittagong.

Travel to the tea capital of Bangladesh

8th Day: (Chittagong – Sreemangal): Drive to Sreemangal, the tea capital of Bangladesh.

  • Visit around the town.
  • Overnight in Sreemangal.

9th Day: (Srimangal): Enjoy the greenest part of Bangladesh.

  • Visit tea plantation.
  • Tropical rain forest.
  • Khasia tribal community.
  • Tripura tribal community.
  • Overnight in Sreemangal.

10th Day: (Srimangal): Visit around the town.

  • Visit fisherman area.
  • Pottery village.
  • Monipuri tribal community.
  • Handicraft.
  • Overnight in Sreemangal.

11th Day– (Srimangal-Sylhet): Drive to Sylhet, the land of 360 Muslim saints and the second hilly area of Bangladesh.

  • Visit Saint place.
  • Temple.
  • Keen bridge.
  • Overnight in Sylhet.

12th Day– (Sylhet): Visit outside the town.

  • Visit Stone collection center.
  • Indian border and their community.
  • Overnight in Sylhet.

13th Day: (Sylhet-Dhaka): Drive to Dhaka.

  • Depending on time, we can visit some places.
  • Overnight in Dhaka.

14th Day– (Dhaka- Bogura): Today a long drive to Bogura. You will visit these places depending time and transportation.

  • Kusumba.
  • Puthia.
  • Overnight in hotel in Bogura. 

15th Day– (Bogura): Full day visit in the town.

  • Visit around the town.
  • Overnight in Bogura.

16th Day– ( Bogura-Rajshahi): Drive to Rajshahi from Bogura.

  • Oldest historical mosque.
  • Temple.
  • Overnight in Rajshahi.

17th Day– (Rajshahi): Visit archaeological sites.

  • Visit UNESCO heritage sites.
  • Overnight in Rajshahi.

18th Day– (Rajshahi-Khulna): Long drive for about 8 hours.

  • Overnight in Khulna.

19th Day: (Khulna-Bagerhat-Barisal): Drive to UNESCO heritage site and Barisal.

  • Sixty domed mosque- UNESCO heritage site.
  • Overnight in Barisal.

20th Day– (Barisal): Visit highlighted places around the city.

  • Visit landlord house.
  • Floating markets (if market opens).
  • Local cigar factory.
  • Overnight in hotel in Barisal.

21st Day– (Barisal-Dhaka): Drive to Dhaka.

  • Visit some places.
  • Overnight in Dhaka.

22nd Day– (Dhaka): Visiting around the city.

  • Visit the biggest Bazar.
  • Train station.
  • Overnight in Dhaka. 

23rd Day: Departure day. Thanks to travel Bangladesh with us.

Tour Price as Per Person in USD

PersonsBudget Price (Each)
Included and Excluded in Budget Price
Included: Accommodation in medium hotel, local transport such as CNG, bus, boat, direct bus, train, English speaking tour guide, entry fee, permission.
Excluded: Food and your personal expense. 
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