Tour Program for 7 Days 6 Nights

tour program

Welcome to Bangladesh for 7 days (1 week) tour with professional tour guide. This tour includes places as Dhaka city, Sreemangal, Barisal, Sundarban and back to Dhaka.

Dhaka to Sreemangal Tour Program

1st Day: Our car driver will receive you from your place in Dhaka at 8 am / 9 am. Then start driving to Sreemangal. This drive is about 5 hours journey. You may reach in Sreemangal at 1 pm. You will check in hotel. In the afternoon, you tour program to visit tea garden, Madhabpur lake and Tripura tribal community. Back to hotel for over night stay in Sreemangal.

2nd Day: In the morning, you will visit tropical rain forest named Lawachara Nation Park. Inside the forest, you can visit lemon garden and Khasia tribal community. After lunch, you will visit a few temples in the town. Then drive to Dhaka. It is about 5 hours journey. Overnight in your hotel or place in Dhaka.

  • Suggested hotels are in Sreemangal – Grand Sultan Tea Resort and Golf- a 5 star hotel / Bali Shira Resort- a 3 star resort / Grand Selim Resort – a 3 star hotel / Nishorgo Eco cottage / Shanti Bari Eco Cottage – wooden and bamboo house for this tour program).
  • Suggestion– Sreemangal to Barisal is 330 km, 13 hours journey. Better you stay in Dhaka.

Dhaka to Barisal Tour Program

3rd Day: After breakfast, our car driver will start the journey at 8/9 am from Dhaka to Barisal. Distance is 240 km about 8 hours journey. On the way, you will take your lunch. After reaching, check in hotel. Relax walking at the river side and boat station. Overnight at hotel in Barishal.

  • Suggested hotel: Hotel Grand Park as the best one.

Barishal to Mongla / Khulna

4th Day: Early in the morning, you can start the drive from your hotel to boat station ( 1 hour journey). This is the place to take a boat journey to visit floating market. Another one hour journey by boat, then you can see people haunting by paddle boat through the canal and small rivers to do their selling activities. After driving back one hour in river, you can visit Lakhutiya landlord house, Mia Bari Mosque, Koloshkati Land lord house and museum. After lunch, you will drive to Mongla / Khulna. On the way, you may visit UNESCO heritage site Sixty Domed Mosque. Continue driving to hotel / cottage.

  • Suggested accommodation: Badaban Eco Cottage.

5th Day: This morning, get in the boat to visit the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove the forest of the world. Overnight in launch cabin.

6th Day: Visit the forest and wild animals in Sundarban. Overnight in launch cabin.

Khulna / Mongla to Dhaka

7th Day: After breakfast, our car will drive at 8/9 am toward Dhaka. It is about 9 hours journey, 270 km drive. On the way, you will take your lunch. At 5 pm, you can reach at your hotel or place in Dhaka. End of 7 days tour in Bangladesh.

Note: You can customize this 7 days tour place in Bangladesh.

Per Person Tour Price Mentioned Below in USD $

PersonsOption-AOption- B
Included: AC Car, Fuel, Driver and Parking Fee. AC Car, Fuel, Driver, Parking Fee and Sundarban private tour – 2 days in launch, accommodation in cabin, permission, entry fee, armed guard, local tour guide, food- breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and bottled water in launch.
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