Tea Garden Tour for 2 Days from Dhaka

Tea garden tour

Tea Garden Tour from Dhaka: This tour package includes visiting these places.

  • Day-1: Lawachara forest tour in Srimangal,
  • Madavpur Lake,
  • Nilkantha Tea Cabin,
  • Night stay at a tea garden.
  • Day 2: visiting the tea sections,
  • witness tea plucking by the tea workers,
  • visiting their houses to witness their lifestyle,
  • visiting the tea factory,
  • buy tea from the Tea Store.

Tea garden tour includes transport from Dhaka, lunch and dinner on day 1 and breakfast on day 2.

  • Transport from Dhaka,
  • Food (Breakfast): Vuna kichuri / Porota / Ata Ruti (3 pics), Vegetable Bajee, Egg fry & tea.
  • Food (Lunch): Plain Polao, Chicken roast, Beef curry / Mutton Rezala, Mixed vegetables, Doi, Salad.
  • Food (Dinner): Grilled fish, Porota, Salad, Pudding, Yoghurt. OR, Chicken BBQ, Porota, Salad, Pudding, Yoghurt. OR, Beef sheek Kebab, Porota, firni, Salad, Pudding, Yoghurt.
  • Explore in the Tea Garden
  • This trip will be organized by a Tea Estate. Your booking will be forwarded to them for handling ground level service. They will contact you.
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