SEO Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing


SEO Search Engine Optimization as Digital/Internet Marketing

SEO is a short title of search engine optimization. It is currently most popular to web developers and website owners. This is a technique used in websites. Yet many companies do not apply this technique because of unfamiliar and limited knowledge on it. Many companies just make websites to show their information and necessary things. They think that is all. Now a days business is in big competition worldwide for acquiring internet facilities. SEO is a marketing tool too to focus online. It is genuine marketing for life long. But there should be updated frequently to sustain in the market. See an example of worldwide Tours that we promoting other countries.

Recently some people involve to do optimization for website to focus on search engine. For hiring someone or yourself can do it if you know the perfect guideline of search engine optimization. It seems to be very easy to learn to someone. But to get in the market it is high competition that you have to win. Otherwise learning is not enough. During this SEO work, you will face competitors as well as search engine. In both, you will use white SEO to evaluate as good SEO. Otherwise search engine will kick you off from the market.
So, I suggest you to contact with knowledgeable person to rank better on internet searching. Website development is for one time work. SEO is for life long work.

Benefit of SEO- search engine optimization

1) Your company will be seen on internet. If it is done well, your website will be visible on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
2) It is a search engine marketing. You have to do regularly. Otherwise competitors will defeat you.
3) You will get organic traffic to your website. Your sales or business will increase.
4) Optimization will increase visitors to your website as new customers.
5) It increases more sale and more profit.

Benefit of SMM – Social Media Marketing

1) By paying to social sites, you can promote your website through SMM. It can be FaceBook, Youtube, Twitter, linkedin etc.
2) Just sharing your website in page or group, you can promote it too.
3) This sharing on social sites is SMM. This method is not for lifelong.

What We Do for Others Through This SEO Service

  • We can do SEO for you to rank better. This is white SEO which means legal work according to Google rules.
  • To rank your website there are 2 options:
    1. For 2/3 keywords of your website with your content to rank on the first page of search engine, per page cost USD $ 100.
    2. Keywords 2/3 with our content or adding some to rank on the first page, per page cost USD $ 200.
  • To get visitors:
    • We can also add your website in this website to link back to your website. It cost USD $ 50 for lifelong. Benefit of placing your link on this website is that you will get web visitors and ranking on search engine.
  • To be seen, it may take minimum 7 days, depending on your website.
  • If you need this service, please contact us through this website. We will ensure you to rank your website high on search engine so that you get many website visitors and customers. Supported by Orient Tourism Channel

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