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Sundarban Tour

Sundarban tour guide

Attraction in Sundarban Tour

Sundarban tour has attraction to make tourists happy. Karamjal is one of all entrance. Here are mangrove forest, crocodiles, dolphin, wild boar, spotted deer and monkeys seen. Walking way on wooden path, watching tower, spotted deer and crocodile breeding center, boating through canal.

Katka is a magnificent place. It is a best place where spotted deer moving in group, even royal Bengal tiger spending time by walking, basking in the sun or relaxing that people can see. There is watching tower to observe the scene. It is really interesting to boating in the canal. Kotka sea beach is to enjoy natural view of the beach and many kind of animals.

Vast grassy places are from kotka to kachikhali gives chance to see wildlife. Kochikali is to see the heavenly touch of the sea, a sea beach, boating at night, deer, crocodile, water monitor are seen here. Hiron point/ Nilkomol– main attraction is king cobra, otter,  spotted deer, royal Bengal tiger monkey, crocodiles, birds and natural beauty which fascinate tourists.

Guided tour to Sundarban

Here is a rest house too. Mandar Baria, main attraction is that an isolated island where crabs, dolphin and turtles.

Indeed Sundarban is worthy with variety of wonders for botanists, nature poets and nature lovers. It is a unique natural beauty of the country. In Sundarban, thousands of streams, canals, rivers and estuaries are inside like net connection which has made its unique beauty.

The Sundarbans means Beautiful Forest which is the home of world famous Royal Bengal tiger, besides spotted deer, crocodiles, jungle fowls, wild boars, water monitors and various beautiful birds. There are four species of dolphins that have been recorded in waterways as Gonga river dolphin, Irrawaddy dolphin, Indo pacific hump backed dolphin and fineless porpoise.

To visit Sundarban with tour package

The Sundarbans is at the mouth of the great Gonga and Brahmaputra rivers of the country. Sundarban forest is the only world’s biggest mangrove forest.

Best season for visiting  Sundarban is November to March which is winter besides mild and pleasant weather.

As much popular to enthusiastic tourists for honey collection watching from April to June is a special trip. There are some community that have survived through centuries by collecting honey. Most adventurous tourists accompany with honey collectors to the western part of the forest to participate with their difficult honey collection works.

A festival named  rash purnima mela depends on lunar calendar possibility in the starting of November. Dubla Island is an island at the mouth of Gonga river at the place of where fishermen live during winter and here local people observe this festival.

Sundarban is for nature lover and photographer

Thousand of Hindu people join the annual festival of rash mela in full moon night. In this festival, devotees gather in long lines at the water side in the early morning holding foods in hands to float on water and await for blessings of God. This tour is special tour for photographers and visitors who like traditional festive.

Another named Bonbibi Mela in Sundarban tour is also attraction to tourists that holds in January. Here local people such as fishermen, honey collectors and wood cutters collect resources  for their living. They pray to the forest deity for a safe return before entering. Local low class people believe the deity live in the forest.

There are temples inside the forest to her honor. A unique festive occasion with music, theater and fairs is held once a year. It is also famous place for bird watching. In Sundarban tour, at the coastal areas and Sundarban forest are very essential for breeding, resting and feeding.

It is a place for a large variety of residential and migratory birds. To chance of watching, people have to use boats exploring small canals. Orient Tourism Channel

Sundarban tour and Sundarban tour package

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