Sylhet division is with  four districts and fourteen municipalities in the north east part of Bangladesh. Sylhet is famous for shrines that saint came from Arab states, waterfalls, swamp forest, tea estates and more.  Greater Sylhet is prime attraction to all tourists for the picturesque. In Sylhet tour, there are tribal villages and tea gardens have decoration with terraced tea garden, rolling country side, exotic flora and fauna.

It is also formed by rivers, hill streams and wetlands. Major attraction in wetland is boating and watching migratory birds. Shaint of Hazrat Shah Jalal is in town that he came from Arabia with his three hundred  sixty followers caring lots of historical events. Another saint is  Shah Poran whose shrine eight km far from town.

There are more places to visit. A famous temple of 500 years old is 45 km from town. This is reserved for being the ancestral home of famous Vaishna Saint. A yearly fair is held on the full moon day of bangla month Falgoun . Hundred of devotees attend the fair. Gouro Govinda fort MC college is a beautiful surrounding on the hill top.The remains of the fort stage to the northwest of college.  Sylhet tourism


Jaflong is one of the most attractive tourists spot in Sylhet that a scenic spot nearby tea gardens, rear beauty of opposite hilly view stone collection from river. It is near Mari river at the leap of Khasia hill. This river is coming from Himalya where stone and boulders come with flowing water.You can also enjoy boating in Piyan river.

Tamabil is the border area with India and about five kilometers far from Jaflong.  Once Jaintapur was the capital of Jainta kingdom in eighteenth century. There was a king house of Jainta kings here adjacent to Jainta Bazar.  Many big stones of thirty feet by twenty feet are here on which judges sat to judge once upon a time. Chatok is famous for orange garden. Sylhet tour is for nature visitors.

Swamp forest is near Sylhet where people would see snakes sometimes hanging on the branches of the trees to move. Now it is not because many local visitors as threat to them. Half of the trees go under water in rainy season. It is very interesting and thrilling place for adventurous tourists.


Bisnakandi is a fantastic place which shows distance green hill , waterfall and water of steam. Lalakhal a river of blue bright water is so clean to see the bottom and a good place for boating. Pantumai is a place where a vast amazing waterfall and hilly green beauty far.

Tangaor haor is the biggest wetland in Bangladesh that shows endless view like the sea in rainy season. Million of migratory birds take shelter in winter coming from Siberia and Antarctica. It is also a good place for boating, see blue water and Indian hill. A cave in the hill which is still uncommon to visit for fear as it is the most dark. It is for adventurous tourists. By Orient Tourism Channel