Payment for Booking

Payment for Booking: We accept payment from travelers through several methods in secured ways that you can choose.

How to Book a Tour with us: On this website, you will find a Chat Box to talk to us or E-Mail Id. You will send the tour link to us that you choose or customized tour plan. We will update the tour price and tell you to pay an amount in advance to organize all necessary things. After your payment, we will send you money receipt.

>>> Please Let Us Know How You Want to Pay<<<

Payment for Booking

Western Union, .
> It is an American agency which is the most secured to send money quickly from your any card or bank account.
> You can also track your money.
> The best way to pay online.
> It may take a few days to receive money.
> If tour booking is minimum 3 days earlier.
Ria Money Transfer,
> An American company to transfer money online through any kind of cards or bank account in a secured way.
> It is also easier to receive money.
> This service is connected with bank.
> That’s why it is secured.
> If tour booking is minimum 3 days earlier.
Money Gram
> This is an American money transfer company which is also easier to receive money.
> You can also use your any cards or bank account to send money.
> It is connected with bank.
> A secured way to transfer money.
> If tour booking is minimum 3 days earlier.

Easiest way to transfer money in Bangladesh

Wise – Transferwise:
> Wise is located in United Kingdom and a trusted agency for money transfer world wide.
> You can use this online method to transfer your payment at anytime.
> Through this apps, you can pay from your bank or any cards.
> It is now a days very easy and popular for money transfer world wide.
Pay cash BD Taka / USD / Euro:
> If you want to pay in Dollar / Euro, notes should be not less than 50.
> Old notes are not accepted.

> In Bangladeshi Taka, any notes can be accepted.
Bank Transfer:
> You can send any payment through bank, if your tour booking is minimum 1 month earlier. > It takes long days to receive.
> Besides you have to send necessary documents to bank and us for receiving your deposit easily.
> We have personal and business bank account.
> You have to pay extra 10% on the total for their TAX.
Bkash and Nagad: Bkash / Nagad is a mobile banking system which is the most use in Bangladesh. Anytime any day you can use to pay.

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