Bangladesh tour is to the beautiful culture, history, nature and smiling friendly people

Bangladesh tour

Welcome to Bangladesh. Bangladesh tour is a wonderful tour to the most foreign tourists. Because this country is still unknown. Bangladeshi People will welcome you in every corner of the country. You can travel safely even if you are a solo tourist. Because people are friendly, hospitable and helpful. People will ask you to help even you don’t know others. They will show you direction you want to go.

Your Bangladesh tour will give you new experience

Traveling in Bangladesh is easy. There are many transports bus, train, launch, steamer, ship and domestic airlines. Some apps or websites are online to book yourself. And others require national ID cards of Bangladesh to reserve any ticket. Through cards, you can take some services.

Besides, if you want to travel without any hassle, you can contact with local professional tour operator in Bangladesh. There are many tour service providers in Bangladesh. But all are not professional and experts in this field. To get better service, you should get in touch with the real experienced tourism company. You can contact to this website for any tour service. We have ready tour package. Also we make tailor made tour for you.

As Bangladesh is still undiscovered land to many people of the world. Bangladesh is to the down land from three sides of India- east, west and north. South side of Bangladesh is to the bay of Bengal. Our country has a vast history of thousand years, archaeological sites and green beauty in flat land or hilly lands. The highest altitude from the sea level is about 3450 feet. And the lowest altitude is about 30 feet. 1 meter equal to 3.280 feet.

Let’s know what we can see in the tour

  • Dhaka is the capital city where you can see house, building and monuments of Mughal period which were built in 8th to 15th centuries. You can do Dhaka city tour for one day or two days.
  • Sreemangal is a place with tropical rain forest, tea gardens, wet land, waterfall and tribal community.
  • Sundarbans is the home of royal Bengal tiger in the largest mangrove forest of the world.
  • Barishal is only one place where there is a floating market.
  • Chittagong is the biggest port city of Bangladesh. It is very good for ship breaking yard, city tour, longest sea beach of the world and hill tracts.
  • Rajshahi for only archaeological sites, temple and medieval mosques.
  • Sylhet has the land of 360 saints, only swamp forest in Bangladesh and so on. You can make a tour here any time. Best time is rainy season. Any tour in Bangladesh will be arranged by Orient Tourism Channel
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