Tribal People of Bangladesh – Tribal Community

There are many tribal people living in different districts of Bangladesh. You can visit their community to see culture, life style, people and daily activities. 54 types of tribal group live in Bangladesh. But mostly 27 tribal communities are known after recognition. We update monthly. Still Collecting Information.

Khasia Tribe – Tribal People Known as Minority Group

Khasia people are a tribe. Traditionally they live on the hills in the forest. Hundreds of years ago their ancestors made elevated house with wood and bamboos. The underneath part of house was free, sometimes to accommodate domestic animals and store firewood. They thought as well it was safe to sleep to be higher from attacks of wild animals. While wild age, hunting was common to eat. In time to modernized age, they are little change to food habits, the culture, house and dress.

The history says, they are from Mongolian race and matriarchal society. As they are in matriarchal society, their wedding is according to their culture such as man goes to woman house after marriage. Woman is chief in the family. Main source of income is betel leaf cultivation. They have own language and culture. First settlement of this tribal people is in Meghalaya state of India which is close to Sylhet division. To see them, you can go to Meghalaya or go to Sylhet division. In Sylhet division, they live in the hilly areas of Sreemangal, Kamalganj, Moulvibazar, Kulaura, Borolekha, Cunarughat and Jaflong. The closest Khasia community can be visited from Sreemangal.

Monipuri Tribe – Tribal People as Minority Group

Monipuri people are a tribe. They are from Mongolian race. They are bright complexion to look like Japanese. You can find them in Monipuri state of India and in Sylhet division. Majority Monipuri people live in Moulvibazar district that can be visited from Sreemangal. They are famous for weaving cloths with wooden hand loom machine. They have own language to speak among them. In spite of having their own traditional food, they eat Bengali food regularly. Cultural program of this tribe is a fascinating activity.

Every year they have a cultural program when they perform life style by singing and dancing. Anyone can join in that program. It is held in November / December. They live traditionally in countryside. People are getting educated day by day and being rich. At present, this community has popularity to local and international tourists for their handicrafts. Tourists visit their house to see them and their hand loom workshop. You can buy cloths from them or shops close to their village.

Tipra Tribe – Known as Minority Group

Khasia Tribal People

Tipra is another tribe originates in Tripura state of India. You can find them in India, Chittagong and Sylhet division. They make their homes close to the forest and have own culture and language. Their traditional houses are made of mud wall and roof of straw or corrugated iron. The rich have brick houses. Men and women are active to do their daily activities. Women carry bamboo baskets to bring necessary things from garden after their work. Most of them depends on gardening on the hilly area. A few of them do business. If you want to visit any village of these communities, you can go to Sreemangal which is very close.

Bom Tribe – Ethnic Community

Bom tribe lives in Bandarban hill tracts area. Their life style is really wild because of living far from modern civilization. (Collecting information)

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