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Sundarban one day tour

Sundarban One Day Tour at Cheap

Tour to Sundarbans in Bangladesh? There are options as Sundarban one day tour, two days tour and Sundarban tour for 3 days 2 nights.  One day tour is a short visit at cheap price with local guide or operator to Sundarban. On your requirement, you can make more days or less. These are several Sundarban package tour with everything you need. See the travel plan with price.

Sundarbans one day tour in Herbaria

Herbaria Eco-Tourism Center: Eco-Tourism center was built by the forest department under Sundarban Chadpai range at guard site. This center is 70 kilometres from Khulna 12 kilometres from Mongla. An ideal place for who want to visit Sundarban in one day tour. A sanctuary is of crocodiles. At this Island, often crocodiles living in salinity water appear. This visit covers Herbaria.

The best time to see this animal is from December to February. Because they lie on the canal side to bask in the sun. It is a good place to see spotted deer as well. In the small creeks and canals here, there are various kinds of kingfisher and other birds.

Rare species bird of the world is Mask Finfut that you can see in Herbaria. A sign board of Eco-Tourism at the canal welcomes visitors. After forest office, wooden bridge and deep forest start towards. Crossing the hanging bridge next is a big pond where you can find a rest place covered with grass species straws to rest. Seat is around the house.

Wooden bridge is from the side of the pond linked to the house. This pond was dug in 1997-1998 to remembrance the greatest hero soldier Mustofa Kamal. Walking path is in both sides of the river. There is a jungle watch tower at the end of walking path at right. You can enjoy the natural view from the top of the tower.

Full trail is more than one kilometer. In Herbaria, fresh foot print of tiger is available. You can see spotted deer and other animals here. Boat moves through Poshur river which is very big.

Sundarban One Day Tour at Koromjol

Koromjol Eco-Tourism Center: Eco-Tourism center was built by the forest department under East Sundarban Chadpai range. This center is about 60 kilometres from Khulna nearly 08 kilometres from Mongla. It is an Eco-tourism with spotted deer, crocodile breeding and raring center. Here is a sign board to describe about Sundarban. This trip includes Koromjol too.

After this, a wooden walking path goes into the forest. This trail’s name is money trail because of monkeys are in this area. Deep forest is in both sides of the trail. In this forest is a great number of trees.

Walking on the wooden path reaches at the bank of Posur River where you can relax. Main trail reaches at the canal side. You can find shades to sit under for relaxation. From the watch tower, tourist can see natural view well. After the trail, at the end is a spotted deer and crocodile breeding center. In front of this, there are small pools where baby crocodiles.

Sundarban One Day Tour at Cheap

A couple crocodile named Romio- Juliet and Pilpil. Fishermen caught these three crocodiles in their net and later gave to the Koromjol sanctuary in 2002. This couple crocodiles’ age is about 23 years. Juliet is smaller in size than Romio. This salinity crocodile species can live till from 80 years to 100 years. According the observation, Joliet laid eggs total 482.

Wild animal breeding and conservation staffs successfully got babies 284. Another female crocodile named Pilpil that had laid 44 eggs from which 33 baby crocodiles received.

Where to stay: To visit this area (Herbaria or Koromjol). You can stay at hotel in Mongla or Khulna. Sundarban one day tour is easy to arrange any time in any season.

Entry fee: Foreigners entry fee is high in Sundarbans although it is a day tour in Sundarban.
To do: Enjoy nature, book Sundarban tour earlier to get cheap price.
Not to do: Do not smoke in the jungle, never throw plastic related things in the nature.  Read about Sundarban tour in Bangla.

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