Dialogue between two friends about good and bad of Facebook use

Zafi: Hello Zarif, how are you?
Zarif: I am fine and you?
Zafi: I am also fine. I came to learn that you have opened a facebook account. Is it true?
Zarif: Yes, it is true. Recently I have opened a facebook account.
Zafi: It is okay if your aim is positive and fair.
Zarif: Of course, my aim is positive and fair.
Zafi: Can you tell me if it is good?
Zarif: Yes, I am telling you now that If you think social globalization, friendship with people of the world and contacting on time with friends and relatives, it is obviously good.

Zafi: What about bad sides?
Zarif: Sometimes, it is a kind of addiction to face book. If you become addicted to it, it will hamper your study and change your mind set. Besides there are some bad effects as against social and religious activities. Some pictures guide facebook users to wrong path. It also harms to own culture.
Zafi: You are absolutely right. I hope you will never deviate from the right path. Thank you.
Zarif: You are most welcome. See you again.