Book Fair – Paragraph for Students

Book fair is a function where book lovers gather to buy and sell. It is very popular in our country. The fair is functioned mainly in January and February. The Bangla Academy organizes the fair on the auspices of the 21 February. It starts in an open place as school field or any open area. This fair continues for three days, a week or even a month. It depends on decision of authority. Different publishers set up shops in a book fair. The fair is open to all kinds of people. Indeed, it is orient of knowledge to all people.

All kind of books as new books and short stories, novels and poems etc are in much demand in a book fair. In our country, People of all ages make a visit the fair. It becomes crowd in day time and evening. This makes interest among the readers and the writers. The writers have opportunities to sell their books. Every year, this creates new writers. In brief, a book fair plays an significant rule in the intellectual development of a nation.

  • Composed by Bimal Deb Barma, teacher of Prime Education center. Go to main page for more writing > Prime Education Center
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