Common English Word for Speaking Page- 3

Common English Word for Speaking English

SpendBey KoraI spend money / Don’t spend money for nothing / He spends a lot.
BeginArombo KoraI will begin the class from tomorrow / He begins his journey.
CarryBohon KoraCan you carry the basket? What is in the basket?
StandDarano / Prarthi HowaHe stands in the election / The dominant monkey stands up among the group.
CookRanna KoraHe can cook / I cook rice everyday / I don’t know how to cook.
CleanPoriskar KoraClean the floor / You should clean things in time.
EarnAay KoraI need to earn much money / How much do you earn each month?
LendDhaar DeowaNo body lends me money / I lend money to intimate friend.
RideChoraI ride on horse / Do you want to ride bicycle? I am afraid of riding motorbike.
HangJhulanoI hang cloths on metal rope / We should hang a calendar on the wall / Can they hang on the trees?
GrowJonmano / Briddi PaowaHe grows vegetable in a small land / Some trees grow faster / What do you grow there?
SaveBacano / Sonchoy KoraHe saves my life / I save some money every month.
StealChuri KoraDon’t steal anything of other people / Stealing is a sin / Thief steals.
SpellBanan KoraYou don’t spell common English word. Spell correctly.
FightMara Mari Kora / Juddo KoraDon’t fight / It’s bad habit to fight.

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ForgiveKhoma KoraForgive me for my mistakes / Forgiveness is a generosity.
ClimbArohon KoraDon’t climb the tree / Can you clime the wall?
PushDhakka DeowaPush the door to enter the the room / Please don’t push me.
ReachPoucha / Nagal PaowaKeep the medicine out of the reach of children / Keep it in mind / Keep apart.
LaughHaasaHe laughs loudly / A bird’s name is laughing thrush / Why do you laugh?
CatchDhoraDon’t catch a bird / He can catch fish in the river.
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