English Practice Word Page – 4

Find other common English word for daily practice.

BreakVaangaHe breaks the rule / I don’t break promise / I don’t know how to break it.
PrayPrathona KoraPray five times a day / It’s time to say pray / Do you go to mosque to pray?
KickLathi DeowaDon’t kick him / Kick fast.
HideLukhanoI don’t hide anything to you / Animal hides behind the bush.
FeelOnuvob KoraHow do you feel now? / I feel good / Nothing to feel bad here.
BorrowDhar KoraI want to borrow money from you / Don’t borrow from him.
WalkHaataI walk around in the morning / They can’t walk long way.
GatherSongroho /Akotro koraHe gathers some information / I gather them in a place.
RememberSoron KoraI remember you all time / Do you remember me?
Obey Adesh palon koraYou should obey your parents / I advise you to obey it.
WriteLekhaIn free time, I like to write article / What do you write?
TeachShikkha DeowaHe teaches me English / Who teaches you?
StopThama / BondoStop the fight / He stops talking suddenly.

Practice English Word Daily

SleepGhumanoI sleep early / Go to bed to sleep early / He doesn’t sleep in time.
BringAanaBring it for me / Don’t bring it / He doesn’t want to bring it.
ShakeNaara DeowaShake the bottle before taking medicine / Shake well / Don’t shake the tree.
SingGaan gaowaHe sings inward / It’s not good to sing / He can sing nicely.
WasteNosto koraDon’t waste time / He wastes his money / I don’t like to waste anything.
ChoosePochondo koraChoose from these what you want / He chooses the best one / I don’t find anything to choose.
Shut upChup koroShut up / He doesn’t want to shut up his mouth.
TasteSaad neowaTaste this food / It tastes bitter / Does it taste sour?
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