Dhaka City Tour by Local Transport as Local

This Dhaka city tour by local transport as local people will give you idea how people spend their daily life. Though it is the best way to see people’s life and activities, this is very hard for new comers to move around by local transport. Because there is traffic jam, over crowded area and busy roads to cross, hustle and bustle everywhere. Most of the time, buses are with many passengers and very rush to run far destinations. To get in the bus, you will walk fast and push in the bus. In case there is no seat to sit on, you have to stand up in congested area.

  • If you are able to match up with or fit enough to handle, this Dhaka city tour is for you as local.

Dhaka City Tour As Local

There are 2 options here. You can do any of these. (1) Inside Dhaka OR (2) Outside Dhaka.

  • Inside Dhaka: (1) Sadarghat- the busiest water transport area, (2) Ahsan Manzil- Pink Palace, (3) Sakhari Bazar, (4) Lalbagh Fort, (5) Star Mosque, (6) Dhakeshwary Temple (7) Curzon Hall (8) Biggest vegetable and fish market. (9) People cross from one side to others by boat. (Depending on traffic jam, you can visit some places).
  • Outside Dhaka: (1) Panam City known as ghost city (2) Sonargaon ancient capital of Bengal (3) Oldest mosque of Mughal period, (4) Village and lifestyle.

Tour Price Per Person Per Day in USD

PersonsPrice (Each)
Included and Excluded
Included: English speaking tour guide, entry fee, local public transport – CNG, bus, rickshaw and boat.
Excluded: Food and personal expense.

Note: Our guide is professional to accompany you during this situation. He will give you deep explanation of the city.

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