Bandarban Tour

Bandarban tour

Bandarban Tour for 3 Days

Welcome to hill tracts area of Chittagong for Bandarban tour with our local tour guide or operator who is professional in this area. Experienced tour guide or operator will accompany you in your tour.

Itinerary of 3 days 2 nights for Bandarban tour below covers most attractive places in Bandarban.

Day-1: In the morning, get in bus in Chittagong town, a journey of about 2 hours by bus. After reaching in Bandarban town, check in hotel. Being fresh, visit golden pagoda, Ramjaji Nogrojadi temple and walk in the town to see Bazar. Overnight in Bandarban. (Hotel/Resort)

Day- 2: In the morning, within half an hour by transport we will reach the boat station to get in paddle boat for boating to tribal village to see their life culture and talk with them to know their life, trekking to Marma and Tripura villages. We spend couple of hours in these villages. In the afternoon, we will move to visit Nilachol.. This is a scenic view fascinates anyone. After visiting, we start back to hotel or resort.  Overnight in Bandarban. (Hotel/Resort)

Enjoy real tribal life in Bangladesh

Day- 3: In the morning, after breakfast we will take bus journey ( about two hours journey to go ) to Nilghiri. After lunch, get in bus toward Bandarban. It may take 2 hours to reach in Bandarban. Tour ends.

Highlights: The touch of cloud, the highest mountains in Bangladesh, tribal community and boating. Note:  You can customize the tour in your choice.   Orient Tourism Channel

Tour price Option Below

1 pax (Each – $ 455)
2 pax (Each – $ 225)
3 pax (Each – $ 160)
4 pax (Each – $ 140)
5 pax (Each – $ 135)
6 pax (Each – $ 130)
7 pax (Each – $ 120)
Tour includes: Bus, Local transport, water bottle, boating, permission, accommodation and English speaking professional tour guide.
Excluded: food and your personal expenses.
1 pax (Each – $ 590)
2 pax (Each – $ 300)
3 pax (Each- $ 280)
4 pax (Each – $ 270)
5 pax (Each – $ 260)
6 pax (Each – $ 250)
7 pax (Each – $ 230)
Tour includes: Bus, Local transport, reserved transport, water bottle, boat, permission, standard accommodation, food- breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and English speaking professional tour guide.
Excluded: Your personal expenses.

Note: for Bandarban tour, we need to get permission to visit hill tracts. You should inquire at least 7 days ago for this tour.

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