Traffic Jam – Paragraph for all students

Traffic jam is very common matter in some countries which happens in big cities and towns. The reason of traffic jam is over population and increasing numbers of vehicles day by day. It is a great problem in Bangladesh. People who move outside, stuck for hours in a big traffic. It takes place for many reasons. Some examples of traffic jam are many vehicles, buses, trucks, auto rickshaws, rickshaws, cars etc increased day by day. The increase of the mentioned transportation is more than requirement. For the huge numbers, many untrained drivers get the work for their daily job.

Some drivers are not following traffic rules. While driving most drivers want to overtake to go fast which makes problem too. Many rickshaws ply on roads more than necessary. It has a very bad impact to people and their life. Traffic makes life harder. We lose valuable time in our life.

Therefore, the traffic laws should be imposed to the transport authority. Government ought to establish strict rules to eradicate traffic jam. We all should be conscious to remove the problem.