Sundarban Tour: natural forest| package trip and information

Sundarban Tour- to visit the largest mangrove forest of the world, you make a plan for trip. Regular Sundarban tour package from Dhaka is for 4 days 4 nights. Sundarban tour from Khulna is for 3 days 2 nights. Sundarban group tour starts generally on every Fridays. Anyone can make Sundarban private tour on any day. One day visit from Mongla covers only two tourists spots in Sundarban. This Sundarban tour by ship is very interesting. Day trip can be arranged any day in any season. We are Sundarban tour operator to manage service and our package starts from Dhaka and Khulna.  We have local tour operator in Khulna and guide that you can travel with local  people at less price.

Sundarban Tour: natural forest| package and information

Sundarban tour

Main attraction in this journey is cruise at delta, rivers, creek and canals. Most of the time, visitors spend time in launch to move to tourist spots. There is engine boat to  travel through canals.  

Orient Tourism Channel is that we mostly handle foreign tourists. Our guests get satisfaction by  this tour we guarantee you. You can also read travelers reviews on trip advisor about us.  To join this forest trip, there are some rules  as permission and booking in advance. No possibility to travel to Sundarban by own way. But you have to contact with operator or company.  It is a most enjoyable trip to the largest mangrove forest in the world- world heritage site declared by UNESCO. This is for nature lover. You can see spotted deer, monkey, wild boar and birds in the forest, dolphin, crocodiles, snakes are in the river.

Guideline for Trips

  • 100 safety in this visiting, although people know it is the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger.  They are endangered now. Besides armed guards from forest department accompany tourists during the visit.
  • There is weather news network beforehand.
  • You should carry medicine if you need. Because there is no place to buy.
  • You also carry sun cream, lotion, soap, cloths and personal things to use.
  • In ship/ launch, you get food, tea, snacks and bottled water all the time.
  • Book service in advance.  Remember that regular package tour starts on every Friday for 3 days 2 nights. The reason why people choose Friday is they have weekends on Friday and Saturday. So most people confirm this day.
  • You can do private tour as well.
  • To book a service, necessary steps are- make payment, give clear passport copy.
  • You can check more plan and price option in this link.
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