Rangamati Hill Tracts a Queen of Nature


Rangamati is familiar as the queen of Nature. Rangamati hill district is located in the south east of Bangladesh. The largest Chittagong Hill tract areas consist of three districts. These are Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari. Nature has decorated this district in a beautiful form with hills, rivers, green forests, Kaptai Lake and meeting with various tribes living in around. There is no other district in Bangladesh as beautiful as Rangamati district. It has wonderful natural beauty. Rangamati district has border by India’s Tripura state to the northwest and Mizuram state to the east.

In Rangamati district, hilly Bengalis are about 50% . In Rangamati, there are hills on which hanging bridge at Kaptai Lake and National Cultural Institute tribal arts museum and Chakma (tribe) king house. So its fountains, Rajban Bihar, private tourist center, Peda Tingtong, tribal museum, Lance Naik Munsi Abdur Rauf memorial located at Burighat in Nanyarchar, Rampahar, Sita Pahar and colorful tribal lifestyle. The main social festival of the tribal of the Chittagong hill tracts is the Biju or Chaitra Sankranti festival. This festival is celebrated in the month of April every year. Aboriginal people cultural fair holds here before the start of this festival.

Rangamati is full of pleasure with nature

At that time Rangamati was full of enthusiasm and splendor. Isn’t it a fun thing to move autorickshaws and scooters from one place to another in the whole city? It is the main refuge of the tribes in the hilly region. Tribal people Chakma, Mug, Kuki, Murang etc, are living here. Chakma tribe is majority in this area. Each tribe has its own language, culture and tradition. It is a rare experience to enjoy the dance and music of the tribal community.

Rangamati is located at Kaptai Like, only fifty seven km from Chittagong town. This city is not very old. Once the whole area was covered with deep forest. About 60 years ago, the forest was clear out and the city was built. The natural beauty of the area is rivers, with numerous forested hills, springs and Kaptai Lake. The huge Kaptai Lake with an area of 680 square kilometer will please you. Motorized speed boats and sailboats are available for sailing in the sun. If you visit here, you will see the famous hanging bridge. Every year a lot of local and foreign tourists visit this hill tract area and return with a certain fascination.

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  • Article written by: Bimal Dev Barma
  • Profession: Teacher and writer
  • Location: Bangladesh
  • Source of the article: Bengali travel guide book
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