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Mongolia Tour Package

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Mongolia Tour Package Plan

Itinerary title: Gobi Desert Trip (semi desert), Duration: 10 Days 9 Nights in tour. Tour Grade: Moderate, Accommodation: Local family’s guests ger, Transport: vehicle 4×4 or minivan, Total distance: 1850 km

1st Day: Arrival in Ulaanbaator and transferred to Hotel.

2nd Day: Baga gazryn chuluu (Rock hills). We start the trip from Victor Expedition office. Meet with your driver and tour guide and head to our first destination Baga gazaryn chuluu. It is a magnificent view of granite rock hills with distance of 240 km. There are several spots to visit such as mineral spring for eye sight, ancient temple remains, naturally formed beautiful cave. The place is suitable for hiking. Stay overnight at comfortable at Guest House +BLD

3rd Day: White canyon/Tsagaan suvarga/ Tsagaan Suvarga is located in Ulziit village of Middle gobi province. It is much pleasure to watch the sheer slope, facing east that looks like the ruins of the ancient city which from a distance. The wind has created this awesome form for thousands of years. It is absolute slope. It was an ancient seabed with sedimentary structure made by million years and the different colors of the ground show different times. Activities: hiking, enjoy the stunning view of colorful fissures. Overnight ger camp +BLD.

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4th Day: Yolyn Am (Vulture’s valley). Yolyn am is a deep and narrow gorge with steep rock walls situated within The Gobi Three Beauties mount range in southern Mongolia. This valley is called Yol in Mongolian after the name vulture. The gorge is also called as ice canyon. The thickness of ice field reaches over 3 meters deep by the end of winter and is several kilometers long. In past years the ice remained whole year round, but lately the ice field tends to disappear by August due to global warming. Activities: hiking, explore ice field and wild animals, visit south gobi museum. Stay overnight in ger +BLD.

5th-6th Day: Khongor Sand Dune. Drive to the second largest and most spectacular sand dunes in Mongolia known as Singing Dune that makes sound like an airplane when the sand is moved by wind. Approximated length of the dune is over 120km, 12km wide and its highest point is 280m. Here we will spend two nights. Activities: camel trekking, hiking, climb to the peak of the singing dune and enjoy sunset from the top. Stay overnight ger camp +BLD.

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7th Day: Flaming Cliffs. The Flaming Cliffs or Bayan Zag – saxaul forest lies around 90 km from the Gobi Three Beauties National Park. The place became famous with its first scientifically recognized dinosaur fossilized eggs in the world and eight different species of dinosaur skeletons were discovered by Roy Andrew Chapman American explorer in 1923. Activities: hiking through saxaul forest, enjoy sunset, explore ancient sea bed. Overnight stay tourist camp + BLD

8th Day: Visit none-touristy nomadic family. Explore a real nomadic life style from a nomad whose ger we will share for this night and experience deep knowledge about their livestock and customs. Nomadic family home stay +BLD.

9th Day: Ulaanbaator city via Holly Mountain ‘Zorgol’ When we move to UB, we can see a beautiful worshipped mountain named Zorgol. Here we will do a little hiking to explore surrounding beauty of the Holly Mountain.

10th Day: Departure and transferred to Chingis Khan airport.

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