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You can learn English word here with more examples for spoken English.

Am / Is / Arehoy / hoi / acheIt is an English word / He is not my friend / They are my students / Are you OK now?
GoJaowa / JaiI go to my duty / He goes to office / I don’t believe / Does he go to Dhaka?
ComeAaasa/ Aaso/ AasenI come here everyday / He does not come to me often / Do you come often?
SitBosun / Bosen / BosoHe wants to sit on the chair / I don’t sit on dirty place / Do you sit here?
Speakkotha bolo / Kotha bolaSpeak with Karim about this matter / I want to speak with him. He does not speak with anyone / Does he speak loudly?
Talkkotha bolo / Kotha bolaHe talks to me over phone / They do not want to talk loudly / Who talks silently?

English Word to Practice

SpendBay KoraI spend money / He does’t spend money / Do spend money?
EatKhaowaI eat rice thrice a day / Eat what you want / I don’t want it / Do you eat meat?
DrinkPaan koraI drink tea in the morning / I don’t drink much tea / What do you drink at night?
FeelOnuvob koraI feel good / Do you feel good? / He doesn’t feel comfort.
TakeGrohon kora/ NeaowaYou take medicine to get better / Don’t take it / Do I take you to a nice place?
GiveDeaowaGive me some water / I don’t want to give you some advice / Do you give it?
LearnSikka laab koraI want to learn English word / He doesn’t learn this lesson / Do you learn English?
WalkHaataI walk in the morning on the road / I don’t walk with barefoot / Do you walk every day?

English Word to speak in English

SeedeakaI see you often in Face Book / I don’t see anything here / Do you see anything here?
BuyKroy koraI need to buy a pair of shoes / He doesn’t need to buy / Do you buy fish everyday?
SellBikroy koraThey sell fruit / He doesn’t sell products online / What do you sell?
ThinkChinta koraI think, you are so clever / What do you think? / Do you think before you do?
MemorizeMukhosto koraI memorize English word in order to learn English / I don’t memorize your lesson / Do you memorize it?
Usebabohar koraI use Samsung mobile phone / I don’t use Symphony / Which phone do you use?

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