Eco Cottage in Sreemangal| Best Cottage in Srimangal

There are a few Eco Cottages around Sreemangal. Find the best Eco cottage in Sreemangal (Srimangal) through this website. Generally we promote cottage and resort.

Shanti Bari Eco Resort | Best Eco Cottage in Srimangal

Shanti Bari Eco Resort known as Shanti Bari Cottage is situated at Radhanagar in Sreemangal ( Srimangal). From this cottage, you can go to all tourists spots around Srimangal. An excellent place in Srimangal for people who like nature. This resort has secured well. Click here to see more hotel in Sreemangal promoted by Orient tourism Channel.

Jungle Cottage | Hilltop Best Jungle Cottage

This cottage is situated at Vhanugash road in Sreemangal. It is close to the forest, lemon garden and other fruit orchids.

Room Price of Jungle Cottage

  • Wooden House: Per room per night- BDT- 4,000. Room Facilities: 2 beds for 4 persons, attached bath, high commode and electric fan. (4 Rooms Available)

Nishorgo Eco Cottage | Best Eco Cottage in Srimangal

Nishorgo Eco Cottage is situated at Radhanagar in Sreemangal ( Srimangal ). This is the first Eco resort in Sreemangal that provided stay near nature and in calmness.