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Where is Bangladesh located?

Bangladesh is located in the north eastern part of south Asia. It is in Indian subcontinent. Three sides of Bangladesh east, north and west surrounded by Indian border except south where is the Bay of Bengal. Meghalaya, Asam, Tripura, Mizoram and West Bengal states of India are close to Bangladesh. You can enter from these states.

How big is Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is not so big. It is a small country. The area of the country is 1,47,570 square kilometers.

Is there any attraction to visit in Bangladesh?

The country is not so much popular and still undiscovered. But there are more things to do in Bangladesh. In short, I want to tell you, Dhaka – a historical tour, Rajshahi and Rangpur- am archaeological tour, Khulna- largest mangrove forest tour, Chittagong – the hill tracts tour, Srimangal and Sylhet – nature, tea garden visit.

How to go to Bangladesh?

You can go to Bangladesh by air. From India, you can go by train and bus too.

Is it safe to travel alone in Bangladesh?

Yes, Bangladesh is a safe country to travel. Even if you are a solo female traveler, you can travel freely. People are friendly and helpful. It will be highly advised to take a tour guide with you for any tours in order to get most secured visit.

Which transport is good for traveling?

The train is the best. But it is not available in all cities. Bus is the second option to travel far. Buses are available everywhere. You can also reserve private car for comfortable tour.

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Is Bangladesh dangerous four tourists?

No. Bangladesh is always safe. To be most secured, take a guide for easy tour.

Is Bangladesh worth visiting?

To add new culture and new friendly people in your travel list, you should visit Bangladesh. Bangladesh has green beauty, hills, tribes, rivers, history of Mughal period, the largest mangrove forest of the world and the longest sea beach of the world.

Is Dhaka safe for tourists?

Yes. It is safe for all visitors. You are advised not to go off road or remote areas.

Is Bangladesh a safe place to live in?

The country is safe and secured. Better if you have connection with any Bangladeshi to get more facilities. You can buy land, invest for living.

What is Bangladesh best known for?

For natural beauty, hills, rivers, largest mangrove forest, garments, history, culture and best cuisine.

Do I need a visa for Bangladesh?

It depends which country you are from. Most countries’ people get visa on arrival. Some people need to apply beforehand to get visa. A few people need invitation letter to get visa.

Can I go to Bangladesh from India without passport?

You need passport and visa to visit Bangladesh.

Bangladesh with Smiling, Helpful and Friendly People

How old is Bangladesh?

Bangladesh was born in 1971. Before it was east Pakistan.

How long does it take to get a visa?

It may take maximum 60 days after issued.

What food is available?

Generally Bengali people eat rice with curry, fish, meat and vegetables. Rice is staple food in Bangladesh. But many people eat bread too. You can find different types of bread in the restaurant. Most Muslim people eat meat, fish and vegetables. Hindu people like vegetable much. You can find some vegetables in a few restaurants. Besides there Chinese restaurants, Thai, Indian restaurants.

What about water to drink?

There is open water in restaurants. This water is taken from deep tube well. It is used to cook and wash. But water is not used directly. There are filters to clean it. Bangladeshis can use it. Foreigners should not use open water to drink. You can buy water bottle.

Are there any tour discussion website for Bangladesh visit?

Yes, in internet, there are many websites providing travel forum for Bangladesh visit. Trip Advisor is very update Bangladesh travel forum. You can get regular information. Lonely Planet was very famous for travel forum to visit Bangladesh.

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