Floating market Barisal tour

Floating market Barisal tour is for cruise in the river and see lifestyle of people living near water body.  River cruise from Dhaka to Barisal takes about eight hours through mighty rivers showing the excellent sunset, calmness and lifestyle of village people. It is really a pleasing trip. floating market Barisal tourFloating market Barisal tour

The great back water in the country is in Barisal. The southern part of Bangladesh called the moon Island, the grain house, the Venice of the Bengal, the Venice of East, the land of land of paddy, rivers and canals. Backwaters are only unique in Barisal that will show you in Barisal tour. As this is the country of rivers, it proves this boating trip.

The most beautiful and accessible part of the backwaters is  from Sandha river to Atghor, Kuriana and Jagadishpur. You will enjoy country’s  largest floating rice market on the middle of the mighty river Sandha. Next is floating vegetable market where you can watch several hundreds boats with full different  types of vegetables. These markets are open on Saturday and Tuesday.

And in rainy season from mid July to mid September you will see country’s single largest floating guava market. (floating market Barisal tour)

There are about fifteen canals with full of natural beauty. It is completely rare in Bangladesh and it is listed as prestigious with rich bio diversity. There is opportunity to stay with local people to experience backwater life and culture. Most popular ways of exploring backwater by traditional boats.

Floating market Barisal tour

Backwater is a network of interconnected canals, rivers formed by a long water ways. It is sometimes compared to Indian Kerala and American bayou.  It also similarities to the canals of wetland area  in Srimangal and swamp forest in Sylhet. In the midst of this landscape there are a number of villages and full village activities. People are alike fishermen in the wetland area.

Miles after miles is the full blossom of the nature. The shadows of the trees at two sides of the canals falling on the canals will make you imagine as backwater tour of Amazon swamp forest. Several mighty rivers have surrounded this area. floating market Barisal tour. By Orient Tourism Channel