Basic Spoken English Word | Page – 2

Basic Word for English Practice with some examples. Find more words in this website.

BasicMoulik / PrathomikYou need to learn basic word to learn English. Basic is important above all.
FarDuurobortiIt’s very far / How far is your office? / This is 5 kilometres far from here.
CloseGhonisto / Nikot bortiHe is my close friend / Be close with him to get the help / This place is very close to my house.
ImportantGurutto purnoIt’s very important / Is it important to you? / Important notice was hung on the board.
TourVromonI am on a tour / Are you making a tour plan?
BusyBastoHe is busy now / Are you busy? You look so busy all the time.
TiredKlantoI am so tired today / You look very tired.
TastyShaadIt’s very tasty / Is it tasty? / Taste is sour.
LiveSorasori / JibontoIt’s a live program. I want to see a live function.
SadDukkoHis sad life story makes me cry / Don’t be sad.
RareDurlovThere are some rare cases occurred in this area. It’s getting rare.
NationJaatiBanglais are a brave nation / Nation of this country is known to every one of the world.

Basic Word Of English Language | Practice Here

MindMon / Chinta Keep it in mind / Mind it until you get it / Freshen your mind.
TalkativeBaachalThey are very talkative / Talkative people become popular easily.
TalentMedha / prothiba / Buddi mottaHe is a talent student / Many talent students lose chance to get the opportunity.
SillyBuka luukAre you silly? / Don’t you think me silly? He is not silly.
PunctualSomoy nisto / SistacharBe punctual to succeed in life / It is advised to be punctual.

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