Promote Your Tour Company FREE

Promote Your Tour Company and package FREE here on our website. To do this, you need to follow some guidelines below.

Promote Your Tour Company and Package FREE

  • In comment box below, you will write your company name with unique articles about your company and service.
  • Do not add your contact address.
  • We will check it to publish if it follows our terms and conditions.
  • When we publish your web page with your company name, you should tell other travelers to write reviews about your service.
  • We add our contact address with your details. When tourists ask for service, we forward it to you.
  • If any tourist takes a service from you, you will give us a commission. It can be 10 % or more on the total amount of invoice.
  • Here is the sample web page for your company- Serengeti Kopjes Tours.
  • All the marketing and promoting are done by Orient Tourism Channel

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