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cottage in Sreemangal

There is Eco Cottage in Sreemangal. Nishorgo Eco Cottage and Shanti Bari Cottage offer accommodation in bamboo house, mud house and straw house. There is no AC in bamboo house, straw house and mud house. But you will feel comfort staying like past-life-house. Washroom is brick built standard with high commode, geezer and shower.

Nishorgo Eco Cottage in Sreemangal

Nishorgo Eco Cottage is situated at Radhanagar in Srimangal. It is near nature, tea garden and village. 5 kilometers far from Sreemangal town. you can go by any kind of transport. We forward your booking to cottage authority. They will contact you for confirmation and payment. + 8801672201346 . Room price starts from 3000/-

Bamboo House
* 1 room with 1 couple bed 1 single bed
* Complementary breakfast
* Attached bath
* High commode
* Instant power supply
Room Per Night 3,500/-
Mud House
* 1 couple bed- 1 single bed
* Attached bath-High commode
* Geezer
* Breakfast
* Power supply
Per Night- 3,000/-

Shanti Bari Cottage in Srimangal

Shanti Bari Cottage is situated at Radhanagar in Sreemangal. It is very close to fruit garden and village. Very calm and quiet. Just listen the chirping of birds. From this cottage, you can go to all tourists spots in Srimangal. We just forward your booking to cottage. They will contact you for the confirmation and payment. +880167220134

Couple Bed
* Wooden cottage
* 1 couple bed
* Bath Attached
* Breakfast Complimentary
Room Price for night- 3,000/-
Family Room
* Wooden cottage
* 2 Couple beds
* Attached bath
* Complimentary breakfast
Per Night – 4,000/-

What you can do staying in Cottage in Sreemangal

Sreemangal welcomes nature lovers and trekkers. When you are in Sreemangal, you can go to many tourists spots such as Lawachara National Park, Khasia tribe, fruit garden, Madhabpur lake, tea garden, tea factory, Hamidur Rahman memorial, Hum Hum waterfall, Baikka Beel, Monipuri handicrafts area, second world war cemetery and so on. Posted By Orient Tourism Channel

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