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Costa Rica Tours

Travel to Costa Rica? If yes, then it is a right place to find professional tour operator to guide you in Costa Rica. You can find the best and experienced tourism company in Costa Rica through this website. So, we are here to promote tours of Costa Rica provided by local tour guide. They will handle your tour service.

An experienced local interpreter and tour Operator of Costa Rica is below.

My name is Roy Alberto Lang Mairena. I live in San Jose Costa Rica. My father is American from Atlanta, Georgia. My mother is Costa Rican. I have traveled to Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia. So, it is my willing to travel to other countries. I have experience in tourism as a personal translator for 12 years. We are here to organize your tours by tour operator of Costa Rica.

I can speak in six languages and assist you finding the perfect spot for you, either in Costa Rica, Panama or Nicaragua.

Generally my traveling was from Costa Rica all the way to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico by bus. If you’re an adventurous person to travel those countries, I can be your traveling buddy.

Travel with the professional and trusted one

Get the chance to explore different unique countries such as Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama. I am your tour guide, your bodyguard and your translator. To make your adventure fantasy I am ready to serve my level best.

I know this because I did it before for other Americans like you. With my service many clients find their dream vacation here. If you want to see recommendation, please ask me. You are also welcome to review here as comment so that others can get to know me further. If you have any plan, please contact this website. They will give me your message.

Tours & Adventure in Costa Rica

*Waterfall tours *Costa Rica fishing vacations *Zip line canopy tours *Horseback riding tours *Crocodile and wildlife tours *ATV tours* Kayak tours *Canopy tours *White water rafting *Costa Rica golf outings.

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