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Basic Spoken English Word With Sentence

  • Apply – I applied for a job. No response yet.
  • Arrange – I can arrange it.
  • Angry – He is very angry. Don’t be angry.
  • Advanced – Go to advanced word page.
  • Buy – I want to buy a thing. Where can I buy this item?
  • Collect – You can learn Basic Spoken English Word here.
  • Come – When will you come? I will come soon.
  • Care – I care for you. He doesn’t care for anyone.
  • Can – Can you help me? Yes.
  • Eat – I want to eat rice with beef. Is it available here?
  • Find – Find here online course.
  • Forget – Sorry, I forgot it.
  • Feel – I feel relaxed traveling in Bangladesh.

Learn Basic Spoken English Word

  • Get – I get up early in the morning. Why are you late?
  • Go – Where are you going? I am going to Dhaka.
  • Listen – Please listen to me. Do you hear me?
  • Laugh – Why do you? He laughs at you.
  • Like – I like it very much. Do you like?
  • Need – I need some money. I need your help.
  • Quarrel – Why do they quarrel?
  • Read – When will you read this message?
  • Run – This website runs by Orient Tourism Channel
  • See – Do you see something here? I can’t see here.
  • Sell – They sell at good price. Why do you sell?
  • Speak – Can you speak English? Yes, but with limited words.
  • Think – What do you think? I think about you.
  • Take – Please take it. I take you to a nice place.
  • Tell – Please tell me everything.
  • Wait– Can you wait for me? I have no time to wait.
  • Worry – Please don’t worry. I will help you.
  • Write– Can you write you name here? Yes, I can.
  • Walk – I am tired. I can not walk.

Learn English Online from web

  • Was – I was there one year ago. It was very nice.
  • War – My grandfather was alive second world war.
  • Want – I want to do something.
  • Web – I visited his website.