Where is Bangladesh

Where is Bangladesh

Where is Bangladesh?  It is  a common question to travelers planning to visit Bangladesh or want to know before traveling. It is really important to get an idea of where is Bangladesh. Most people do not know Where Bangladesh is.There is a country of the name Bangladesh in the world!

Because it is very small in its dimension. The question is that where is Bangladesh? As it’s a small country. People may not know it well. Geographically it is in Indian subcontinent, south Asia. Bangladesh is at the bay of Bengal having longest sea beach in the world. To know where is Bangladesh, you can see the map here.

Before 1971, it was east Pakistan. After nine months blood shedding war and sacrifice of people Bangladesh got independence in 1971.  Three parts of this country East, West and North are surrounded by India and at north-east side of the country is Myanmar. It is a beautiful country with natural sightseeing, two hilly areas Chittagong hill tracts and Sylhet division.

In Bangladesh, you can find more attractive places to visit such as archaeological sites, world’s biggest mangrove forest, floating market, tribal people, tea garden and Island.  Entrance by road to Bangladesh is through India. There is International flight across the countries in the world.
About tour information of every places of Bangladesh Chittagong hill tracts is only highest division. It is for trekking in the hills, visiting tribal community to see their lifestyle. Here is real tribal people’s life. Many waterfalls show their beauty mostly in rainy season, ancient Buddhist temple and cloud touching hills.  Cox’s bazaar is a beach area and it is the longest sea beach in the world.

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. It is always busy. Here you can see textiles, old city the colony of British, museum, martyrs memorial places, lalbagh fort, the oldest Hindu temple.

Sylhet is second hilly area of Bangladesh. Here you can visit excellent swamp forest, stone collection center, historical saint place, boating in the biggest Wetland of Bangladesh, cave for adventure trekking, tea plantation, waterfalls and natural attraction.

Srimangal is known as the capital, the land of two leaves and a bud. This location is also famous for fruit garden and wonderful phenomenon lake. The longest tea garden of Bangladesh, green valley of tea, tribal community and migratory birds center are in this location. Barisal is with many mighty rivers and floating market. Archaeological tour in Bogra, Rajahahi that here you can find hundred years history of ancient era.

Where is Bangladesh

Sundarban tour in Khulna division is a relax tour by launch to enjoy the biggest mangrove forest in the world Rangpur tour and Mymensingh tour where you can see temple and historical sites.

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