Sundarban package

One of the biggest single block of tidal mangrove  forest is Sundarban in the world that is located in Bangladesh. There are many tours places here. Dublar chor Island is one of all spots that a stunning island well known for its charming scenes. It is a renowned place for fisherman with plentiful of fish that they catch fish with nets. One can enjoy a first hand experience of this activity joining the fishing here. The Island has the natural beauty. On the eastern side of this Island that Posur river flows hile on the western side of Shibsha river. It is an attractive Island where grazing spotted deer are often seen. A relaxed walk around the Island gives the tourist with the chance of spotting many wild animals. Dublar Chor offers unique experience to the excited visitors. We have several Sundarban tour packages. One of them is below which is a regular tour for Sundarban. Sundarban package

One day tour: Early in the morning get on the boat to start toward the forest. Welcome to Sundarban adventure cruise. The boat will start the cruise to the south. After few hours of cruising the boat will stop at a forest station to do official work of the forest and also pick up armed forest guards to accompany us.  After that boat will continue the cruise and arrive at Kotka forest station late in the afternoon to anchor for overnight stay. If time permits you will do some activities in the forest. Overnight in the boat.

2nd day: Discover the amazing biodiversity of Sundarban. After sunrise we explore the narrow creeks with a wooden rowboat allowing a close look at the unique mangrove fauna and flora. After breakfast the guide will offer a variety of activities together with an easy walk to the pristine seashore facing the bay of Bengal or hike through the mangroves. In the afternoon there will be more tour activities. Overnight in the boat.

3rd day: This is return journey.  Depending on the surge schedule the will begin the return at the high tide cruising the whole day and arrive at Khulna in the evening. Check in hotel for overnight or take a night journey.

Note: On your request, we will give you price with details.

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