Srimongol is a best place for nature, Sreemangal sightseeing, Lawachara National Park, tropical rain forest, adventure tour, tea garden, Hum Hum waterfall, tribal village, lake, tour package available in Srimangal tour.

Sreemangal is the place where you can visit the best and biggest tea garden, green valley of tea hills, orange garden, pineapple garden, lemon garden, reserved forest, bird sanctuary and many more. Visiting Srimangal is a plus to your tour plan in Bangladesh. You can also find cheap rate hotel booking in Srimangal.

Withing your eyesight you will see tea garden like green carpet. The appearance of most green view is in rainy season. It is famous for one of the largest tea gardens of the world which covers with lush green carpet. Most of the tea estates of Bangladesh are in  Sreemangal. That’s why this town is called the land of two leaves and a bud.

It is also familiar as the tea capital of Bangladesh because of many tea estates. The terraced tea garden, pineapple, rubber and lemon plantations form a beautiful landscape. Just entering the garden area will lead you long way in fresh air of fruits, green flat and valley. Sreemangal has more sightseeing. Seven color or seven layer tea in Srimangal which is another inquisitive matter to tourists. Visitors can feel the taste of this amazing tea. The invention of seven color tea is in Srimangal.

Lawachara tropical rain forest

(National Park) is a well preserved forest in Bangladesh where endangered species Gibbon Ullock swing through the top branches of the trees and other animals such as clouded leopard, fishing cat, barking deer, jungle cat, monitor and Bengal lizard, many kind of snakes as rock python, king cobra. The forest is mainly with wood trees, botanical trees and plants.

There are also several kinds of monkeys that you  can see while visiting this forest. Some trails to trek in the jungle then you can see wildlife, sometimes turning to off trails becomes adventure walk through nature, but you need a trained up local Eco guide. This is a right place to have a jungle walk. There is only one tree named African teak/ African Oak here in Bangladesh. A trail line through the forest makes awesome view. The British constructed during that period.

Cycling tour is a joyous tour if you find a tranquil area. We have mapped already several zigzag trails, beaten path and hilly road in Srimangal. For cycling tour in  Bangladesh Sreemangal is the best place. But you have to find the undiscovered area to do long tour or half day tour. During cycling, you will see green valley and local people in remote area. We assure you that you must enjoy in this tour.


Another attraction is five tribes live separately in traditionally in remote areas as in the forests and on hills. In Srimongol ethnic communities have also increased the attraction of this place with their traditional cultures. Khasia is famous for their betel leaf cultivation as their main source of income. This tribe mostly lives in Sylhet Division along the Megalaya state in India. Their own dress up and custom in life are unlike other ethnic groups.

Khasia in Srimangal live in deep forest with different culture far from town. Their traditional houses are made of bamboo or wooden stage. They look like Chinese and Mongolian.We also manage accommodation facilities in this community to feel their culture and enjoy the time.

Monipuri is famous for their enriched cultural program, dancing, singing and life style. This tribe is familiar across the world for its famous traditional dance and weaving cloths. They weave their clothes for their personal uses and sell to people. At present, Monipuri cloths become popular to people for use and some people buy it as souvenir. During your Srimangal tour, tribe visiting is a worth. They look like Japanese.

Garo is a tribe which has some similarity to Tripura. They have own culture.

Tripura is another tribe. Their life style is also apart from city life, it is a hilly life but faces look like Burmese and Chinese. Women are active in daily work. You can enjoy their life style staying with them. They have own traditional food.


Madhobpur lake is of lotus and pink waterlily. Lush green tea gardens surround this lake. Here you can walk around. From the top of the hill, you can see the Indian view in excellent image. This lake in Srimangal tour brings much attraction to tourists. Of  Sreemangal tour, you should not miss when you are here.

Biakka bill a part of wetland. Haor means wet land. Baikka bill is a sanctuary where millions of birds take shelter in winter coming from Siberia and Antarctica. But it is mostly in winter. This is a suitable place for bird watchers. In rainy season, you can travel by boat in wetland and see fishermen catching fish with different kinds of method. It is a place to see the sun setting in glittering mode.

Seven color tea or Seven layer tea in Srimongol having much popular around the world. There is a cup of tea with seven layers or colors of different taste and displays. A local person first invented it in Srimangal.

While visiting Srimongol and sightseeing, you will feel it obviously good. Srimongol has more undiscovered places to visit that most people do not know those attractions yet. Such as pottery village where you can see people making clay pots for uses. All people used clay pots to cook food and eat with earthen plates. It is going out dated now.
Boating race in Bangladesh is occurrence on a special day. Ox and cock fighting are much popular in this area.


Humhum waterfall is a vast waterfall in Bangladesh near Indian boarder. To reach this it needs to trek about five kilometers through the hilly jungle. Obviously that it is an adventure tour. This is only one trekking place in Sylhet division. Although it is really a pleasant but not for incapable persons.

Madhabkundu waterfall which is the unique highest waterfall in Bangladesh that is good to visit in rainy season. That waterfall has little water in other seasons which does not attract tourists. To your Srimongol tour and Sreemangal sightseeing will please.

Cultural program in ethnic community is a real tribal life style that you can stay with them to experience the culture.  You can join their activities to learn more. We manage  the program whenever tourists require.

Satchori national park which is another national park having not so big area little similarity to Lawachara. This provides flora and fauna of nature, a network of walking trails with trees and plants. Animals are monkey, Indian bear, snakes and other common animals.

Wild Life Sanctuary

Rema Kalenga wild life sanctuary is a forest situated at Indian boarder for which some featured animals are here such as barking deer, Samber, Indian bear, wild boar, leopard and more common animals that form wild life diversity. It is a wildlife sanctuary, a part of the trapping hill reserved forest, the largest remains of up-land natural forest in the country.

The sanctuary encompasses several hills of different hill elevations and low laying valley. The forest is a mixed evergreen forest with tall trees are deciduous and it is home to wild variety of plants,animals, and provide best moment to experience bird life watching and ethnic community here. In Srimongol tour you can add this forest as Sreemangal sightseeing.

Uncommon or not touristic places in Srimangal. These are (1) second world War cemetery (2) Golf field (3) rubber factory (4) tea factory (5) Red Hill (6) Offing Hill.


It is a small town that has good connection with other towns. You can go there by bus, train or reserved car. Paved rood is pretty good for transportation. There is no air port but there is helipad at hotels, you can fly to Sylhet by air and take car towards Srimangal tour. In brief, it needs to say that you must be happy  visiting Srimangal and is for round the year. We have ready tour package, offer budget, luxury tour and hotel booking. You can find  more details for Srimangal one day tour ,  Srimangal tour for 3 days, cycling tour in Srimangal and  Lawachara trekking tour.   Orient Tourism Channel