Dhaka tourism

Dhaka tourism

Dhaka tourism is a city tour.  In Dhaka tour, you can see old Dhaka tour, city tour, Hindu temple, Landlord house, king house, British colonial place,  mosque, ship breaking yard, historical sites, Sadarghat, boating and life style in Dhaka. You can make one day tour or two days tour with professional tour guide and operator in Dhaka.

A historical place Lalbagh fort is a building constructed in 1677 under prince Mohammed Azam who is the third son of Aorangabed. He handed it over to Shaista Khan for completion. It is an incomplete structure by Mughal prince. Muhammed Azam was third son of Aurongajeb that stayed in Bengal for fifteen months for the works of this fort. It remained incomplete because his father called him to go back to the capital Delhi in India.

This consists of three buildings mosque, tomb of fairy lady and Diwan-e-palace. It is the most popular renowned fort and  a great view of arts of Mughal empire. People also know it as Aurangabed fort. It is at the bank of Buriganga river in old Dhaka.

Dhaka tourism

Shaista Khan was a new governor of Dhaka capital in that period. Although he got the task for completion this fort. He did not complete the work of Lalbagh fort because daughter of Saista Khan died here. This death made him thinking that this building was a fearful. When Shaista Khan had left the Dhaka city, popularity of this fort was lost.  Another reason was for shifting to Murshidabad. At the end of Mughal period, it was abandoned.  King replaced the name Aurangabed  to Lalbagh.  As there are three major parts of Lalbagh fort, one of them is tomb of fairy lady with gorgeous designing.

This only place in Bangladesh is with nine rooms decorated with marble stone, tiles and handicrafts of flower leaves. The roofs were of  black stones and the top of the tomb covered with pure copper. It started in 1688. People used the mosque for prayer and use till now. The royal art-Islamic art kingly wall designing and handy work will amaze  you. . Diwan-E-palace was used as office during that period is the greatest part of Lalbagh Fort.  Mughal ruler directed to common people once a week.  A royal bathroom named Hum Hum is in it.

Dhaka tourism

Mughal emperor Aurongajeb donated the fort to  Shaista Khan in memory of his daughter (fairy lady).  Shaista Khan got revenue by leasing the fort to the government. Visiting temple in Dhaka tour. Ballal Sen, a king of the Sena dynasty in 12th century built Dhakeshwari temple which is a Hindu temple. Many say the name was after its temple. It is a stated owned temple of  being Bangladesh national temple. It means goddess of Dhaka. This temple assumed status as the most important Hindu place of worship in Bangladesh. The original eight hundred years old statue was taken to Calcutta in India.

Remaining is the replica of original idol in Dhaka. Hindu people believe that while wife of king coming from bath place, she gave a child birth known to historians as Ballal Sen.  When Ballen Sen was middle age, he got to the throne and built it to glorify the birth place. In legend explanation, Ballal Sen had a dream of the deity covered in the jungle. He uncovered it and named Dhakeshari temple after construction.  There are pagodas with shiblinga outside.  People use it as regular pray.


Millions of Hindu religious people come here with great hope and take bath to rid of their sins. They do exclusive devotion by bowing their head to the god.  This place holds the largest celebration in every year.

National parliament is popularly familiar in Bangla words – Sangsad Vobon that built in 1961 and finished in 1982 by world renowned American architect Louis Khan. The design in excellent performance and one of the best buildings is in South Asia. It is a huge assembly and was of rectangular boxes slice with bold, concrete cylinders,  multi story circular and triangular apertures instead of windows. The marble stripes design in concrete layers linked to pinstripes are on a finely tailored suit.

The interior and exterior design of parliament are really excellent. Dhaka tourism Dhaka tour package


Liberation war museum has some specials things that commemorates  the Bangladesh liberation war was to the independence of Bangladesh . This opened on 22 March 1996 with more than 9 000 000 000 artifacts that exhibits  in the museum. The gallery in the museum shows history of Bangladesh through information and used things in that period.

Several galleries highlight the sectional conflict between west Pakistan and Bangladesh and weapons used by the freedom fighter. Besides there remains of human skulls and bones of people killed by Pakistani forces. What of Dhaka tourism is exposure in a tour.

Sonargaon as old Dhaka city was the capital of Bengal that situated in the center of Ganges delta, the seat of Muslims rulers and governors.  Sonargaon means the city of gold. It attracts national and international tourists. It is a place that you can see the  heritage, history, old city, administrative, commercial and maritime used during British period. The main place here  to visit is the folk arts and crafts museum.

This location is near old city from colonial period, Panam city with the beautiful Goaldi mosque of Sultan period. Old buildings hold the history yet that  will make you think the past ages.  There is a lake inside the foundation  for riding  boats. It is possible to catch fish by hook in this lake. We welcome you to Dhaka tour package and Dhaka tourism. Besides these places there are more in Dhaka tourism. Orient Tourism Channel

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