Bangladesh map

A name of a country is Bangladesh. It was named after Bengali nation and its language .(Bangla language). It is not an old country, a new name after independence. Bangladesh got independent in 1971. Before independence, it was east Pakistan. During that period Bangladeshis who were here  were oppressed. Once it was beyond the oppression.

To save from this, people gathered to be against it. After being united, the leader declared to join the fight.  The blood shedding fight continued for nine months. Many people sacrificed their life. We got independence in exchange of sacrificing life. Now it is a freedom country.  21 February is mourning day. 26 March is independence day. 16 December is victory day.

Culture is its distinctive little similar to Indian. People in Bangladesh have traditional dress. Women wear Shari which is a long cloth to cover the body and man wear lungi at waist shirt, Panjabi at upper part of the body, this is traditional dress. But at present,  many people living in big cities and young follow modern cultural dress. In countryside, aged and poor people still follow the traditional features.

It is a riverain country that flows down throughout the country. Alongside here are two hillsides, Chittagong is the highest one where tribal community and waterfalls increase beauty. The second hillside is Sylhet in which are green carpet and green valley of tea garden, tropical rain forest, swamp forest and tribes.


Currency is taka. People are friendly and always active to help tourists. Bangladesh is in Asia, surrounded by three sides by India except South where is the bay of Bengal. People welcome to Bangladesh with a smiley face that is really from the heart, when you spend with such friendly people of Bangladesh, it will obviously please you. Bangladesh is greenery country of nature that mostly good for nature lovers. Orient Tourism Channel

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