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Bangladesh Visa information

Bangladesh visa information: Citizens of most countries of the world need legitimate visa to come in Bangladesh for any purpose. The Bangladesh Consulate General determines visa category and duration of staying upon receiving an application from applicants.

The types and categories differs with the purpose of visit, length of staying and bilateral arrangement with the country of the foreign national.

Visa on Arrival- Bangladesh visa information

To attract the tourists and make sure them a hassle free arrival in this of stories, the government of Bangladesh has decided to give Visa on Arrival to foreign nationals including those of Bangladeshi origin. Once you arrive in Bangladesh, after examining your necessary travel documents the immigration authority at Airports and Land ports will issue Visa on Arrival for a period of maximum 30 days to the citizens of the countries mentioned below under the following conditions.

Bangladesh visa information

(a) The nationals from those countries where there is no diplomatic mission of Bangladesh may get visa on arrival after examining the genuineness of their visit.

(b) On the base of invitation letters of interested or required body being attested by the Board of Investment/BEPZA, the foreign investors or businessmen may be allowed to issue on arrival visa. In this matter, interested or inviting organization must inform in advance the arrival of the foreign visitors to the immigration and passport authority.

(c) Only for the purpose of official duty, business, investment and tourism that citizens arriving from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russian Federation, China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Qatar, Kuwait and the countries of Europe may get visa on arrival after checking and being satisfied by the immigration authority at the Airports and Land Ports.

(d) Any foreign national comes to Bangladesh from a country where there is no Bangladesh mission  that the person may get visa on arrival.

(e) Bangladeshi origin living in foreign citizens, their spouses or their offspring may get visa on arrival if there is the proof of their Bangladeshi origin.

(f) The staffs or officials of the foreign missions, UN or its affiliated organizations are in Bangladesh may issue arrival visa after screening their appointment letters or other concerned documents. Only UN passport holding persons will get such facilities  gratis. (free of charge)

Transit visa- Bangladesh visa information

If the foreign visitors require extension of their visa after arriving Bangladesh under visa on arrival, the department of immigration and passports authority department may extend their visa in light of the existence visa policy.

Transit visa may be allowed to the passengers waiting for connecting flights for the period of at best 72 hours. It is till the time of next available flights on request of the regarding carrier.  For this an amount of US $ 20 or equivalent to foreign currency is to be deposited in the concerned Bank Account.

No visa required Seal- Bangladesh visa information

The Bangladesh consulate general in Los Angeles also issues No Visa Required for traveling to Bangladesh.  Bangladeshi original citizens of some foreign countries with their family members (spouse and children) also no required. This kind of endorsement allows them multiple entries into Bangladesh when they need with no restriction on duration of staying within the validity of the passport.

Visa Requirements- Bangladesh visa information

a) Visa fee payment is in foreign currencies ( US dollar, GB Pound or Euro etc).

b) Visitors have to possess minimum USD 500 or equivalent amount of foreign currency in cash or credit card.

c) Tourists visa- visitors must have travel itinerary / air ticket reservation.

Work visa:  letter of employment from the employer in Bangladesh  letter of concurrence from concerned ministry, board of investment, Bangladesh export processing zone(BEPZA). To work in a non government organization(NGO). The applicant should furnish copy of letter of  appointment from the NGO with attestation by Bangladesh NGO affairs bureau, Dhaka.

d) Persons must have necessary documents to justify their visit.

e) No visa fee will be applicable for the visitors from these countries which are release from visa fee.

f) On arrival visa fee will applicable on the basis of reciprocity only.

g) The concerned intelligence agency must gather full information of visitors to take necessary action.  Land ports and immigration authority at airports will send a monthly report on this issue to the ministry of affairs, the department of immigration and passports.

h) Authority will issue visa on arrival only after having satisfaction about the purpose of visit. But often tourists get it. In  case of foreign military or defense forces with prior approval from the  ministry of home affairs must be taken.

Bangladesh visa information

After inspection of necessary documents, the consular officer may  request for an interview or submission the additional documents. Authority may delay the issuance of visa, if there is  reference for clearance. The consulate general may accept or reject any application for visa. Government may change visa fees and information time to time. By Orient Tourism Channel

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