Bangladesh tour

Bangladesh tour

Bangladesh tour a green hidden beauty with multi cultures that show attraction to you to visit at least once.  Here you will find friendly people and consider it as hospitable country.  There are more attractions in Bangladesh.    Dhaka as the capital of Bangladesh is a main city connecting every cities. In Dhaka tour you will enjoy historical sites and incidents of the country. 

Bangladesh tour package
Sonar Gaon, Old Dhaka

People of the country are very friendly. Every parts of this country has own beauty and culture. Dhaka is city of mosques, busy life, oldest temple and historical city. If you want to make Dhaka tour, you can enjoy it in one or two days. Here is also textile industries. See more it in Bangladesh tour.

Bangladesh tour

After Dhaka, Chittagong is the second city which is the first hilly area in Bangladesh. Main sea port in Bangladesh is Chittagong. There are ship breaking yards. Those who like to trek the highest mountain and to see tribal life in Bangladesh, first choice is Chittagong tour. Chittagong hill tracks are not only for this but also there is a place called the land of cloud that it seems cloud touches the hills. In Chittagong division, The longest sea beach in the world is Cox’s Bazar and an Island named St Martin which is with blue water. Three hill tracks in Chittagong tour Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachori home of tribal ethnics by their own culture will amaze people.

A whole Bangladesh tour  will give you an excellent moment in your life.

Sundarban in Bangladesh tour is awesome for you

Of Bangladesh tour, Sundarban is an attraction in Khulna city, main attraction here is the home of royal Bengal tiger. Besides there are spotted dear, crocodile, monkeys and more to see in Sundarban tour. Near Khulna there is world heritage side sixty dome mosque.

Srimangal or Sreemangal is one of the best attractive places. This town is in Sylhet division. Srimangal is also called the land of two leaves and a bud because of many estates are here. Planning to Srimangal tour ,  you can visit more attraction as many fruit gardens, green tea gardens surround a lake of lotus and waterlily, tribal villages,  a vast waterfall, a bird sanctuary and Lawachara tropical rain forest which is the home endangered species Gibbon Ullook.

In Bangladesh, a floating market that is in Barisal where people use boats to sell their goods in the canals and rivers. Most of time local people use boats to cross from one side to other sides. Every time we welcome you to make a Bangladesh tour.

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